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The Kermorvan lighthouse

The Kermorvan lighthouse is located at the end of the peninsula of the same name in Le Conquet . Le Conquet  is a commune in the Finistère department of Brittany in north-western France.

The lighthouse was built in 1849 on a rock at the tip of the Kermorvan peninsula. It is connected to the land by a granite bridge and its height is 20.30 meters.The lighthouse has the shape of a square tower, it gives the direction of the Four channel when it is aligned with the St-Mathieu lighthouse and that of the Helle channel if it is aligned with the Lochrist light.
In 1874 a foghorn was installed. It was a horn that automatically activated day and night when visibility was poor.
During World War II, the lighthouse, whose lighting system had been dismantled, was not damaged despite the construction of a series of blockhouses nearby. It was automated in 1994 and is now remotely controlled.  It cannot be visited,However, it is easy to get to and walk around it.

Access : Coordinates: 48°21,718 N 4°47,393 W / The Kermorvan lighthouse is located northwest of the port of Le Conquet, in Finistère in Brittany.

Highlights :

  • Leaving the lighthouse enclosure, you can walk along the coastal path of this beautiful peninsula : kermorvan peninsula walk trail : Kermorvan peninsula is a 4.2 mile  route located near Le Conquet, Finistère, France.
  • The Kermorvan lighthouse is the westernmost land-based lighthouse in France and a listed site belonging to the Conservatoire du littoral.

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