The Underwater waterfall in Mauritius

The Underwater waterfall in Mauritius
The Underwater waterfall in Mauritius
Located on the south-western tip of Mauritius ( an island nation in the Indian Ocean ) , just in front of the famous Le Morne Brabant mountain, one can marvel at an incredible natural phenomenon.

The pictures of this mysterious natural phenomenon are simply breathtaking,but what appears to be an underwater waterfall is actually an optical illusion.the powerful water currents of the Indian Ocean are so powerful that they wash away the sand from the south-west coast of Mauritius and into the lower-lying regions of the ocean.

Access : Coordinates: -20.47259.57.31501 / The underwater waterfall located off the coast of Le Morne (Mauritius).

Highlights :

  • The underwater waterfall of Mauritius is located about 800 meters off the south-western tip of the island, just below the famous Le Morne Brabant mountain
  • Unfortunately, the underwater waterfall of Mauritius can only be admired from the air.
    If you want to see this unique sight with your own eyes, you have to take a sightseeing flight over Mauritius.

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