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North Guizhou Flower Sea

North Guizhou Flower Sea  is located in the  Shanping Village, Lushan Town, Tonglu County, southwest China’s Guizhou Province . Yubei Huahai, also known as Shanping Huahai. One of the few  Flower seasonal seas in Guizhou Province, Zunyi is the largest flower sea. It is located in the village of Shanping Village, Lushan Town, Tonglu County, Guizhou Province. It is  located at the foot of the famous Lushan Mountain. Huahai covers an area of more than 1,500 acres. Mainly planted with azalea, four seasons cherry, lavender, sunflower, cosmos, lily, crape myrtle, verbena and other flowers. There are also viewing and entertainment projects such as Linxia Garden, Ziwei Love Corridor and Colorful Sliding Grass Playground. Visitors can not only appreciate the beauty of the flower sea at any time, but also enjoy the pastoral style of the northern part of the country.
Yubei Huahai is located in Shanping Village, Lushan Town, Tonglu County, Guizhou Province, so it is also known as Shanping Huahai. It was officially opened to tourists in August 2015.  Once opened, visitors from neighboring provinces and cities came to Tonglu to watch the flower sea.
At the foot of Huahai, it is close to National Highway 210 and Lanhai Expressway. Convenient transportation, whether it is self-driving or with the group, is very convenient for visitors.
Attractions-site layout :
– It is a paradise for tourists who love to take pictures , there are hot air balloons, helicopters, windmills, observation decks, swing chairs, pianos, castles, windows and other places where tourists take pictures. There are 20 sightseeing buses in the scenic area.

there is a ticket office of Namdaemun in the scenic spot, the parking lot is very large, the ticket is 60/person, the discount area is half discount, I am 32 yuan, along with 2 yuan insurance, including to another The traffic fare of the door,

Access : Coordinates:  / address: Shanping Village, Lushan Town, Tongzi County, Zunyi City, Guizhou Province/ Nearby Airports and Railway Stations , Tongzi Railway Station 4.00km , Zunyi Railway Station 45.03km , Zunyi Railway Station 49.21km /

Admission fees : The first phase of the Shanping Scenic Area in Shanping: 80 yuan – person, Lushan Scenic Area Phase II Lushan Red Rhyme: 50 yuan -person, Lushan Scenic Area Phase III Lushan Water Park: 168 yuan – person – The parking fee is 10 yuan – the sightseeing car in the scenic spot is 20 yuan – person

Opening hours :  throughout the year 08:30-18:00.

Facilities : toilets  /  parking  lots / Eat and drink: There are wooden house villas, yurts and surrounding farmhouses in the scenic area, offering different grades of accommodation and dining! / Playgrounds

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