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Via Krupp

Via Krupp is a historical serpentine path on the south coast of the Italian island of Capri. The length of the road is 1350 meters. The road was built on the initiative of Alfred Krupp in 1901. Via Krupp you can reach Marina Piccola, the excellent, but also the most populous beach on the island of Capri.

From the observation deck of the gardens of Augustus, the road, which was built in 1900-1902, is partially visible. designed by an Italian engineer and funded by Krupp. The road led from the luxury hotel where Krupp lived, 100 meters down to the grotto.
The pedestrian link carved into the steep slope of Monte Castiglione is 1346.60 meters long, three meters wide and is now a tourist attraction.
Since 1976, the Via Krupp has been closed most of the time due to the danger of landslides.

Access : Coordinates: 40.546944, 14.2425 / Via Krupp located on the south coast of Capri near Marina Piccola.

Highlights :

  • Via Krupp can claim a place in the Guinness Book of Records as the most winding and curved “street” in the world.The steep road, including eight hairpin bends, conquers a height difference of about 100 meters. It connects the Giardini di Augusto – the former garden of Emperor Augustus – with the shores of the Mediterranean. He passes the Torre Saracena, part of an old fortress. Krupp had the road built so that he could descend more quickly from his permanent residence, the Hotel Quisisana, to the Marina Piccola, where his ship was anchored.
  • German steel merchant from the Krupp dynasty – Friedrich Alfred Krupp (1854 – 1902) not only loved Capri, but also left his significant mark on the island. He laid out botanical gardens, which were at first called after him, but due to political considerations in 1918 they were renamed the Gardens of Augustus – Giardini di Augusto.
  • The Soviet Embassy in Italy commissioned the Italian sculptor Giacomo Manzu to work on the monument to Lenin. Made of white Carrara marble, a 5-meter pylon with a bas-relief of Lenin was installed in 1970. The monument stands in front of the house of Maxim Gorky.
  • In the middle of the road there is a gate leading to the Fra Felice Grotto, where the German manufacturer has set up a curious two-story reception hall for meeting his friends.

Activities : sightseeing / photo opportunities / Long distance walking , admire the road from above over the higher gardens of Augustus. / cruise around the magnificent Faraglioni Rocks.

Go next : Anacapri , one of the two towns on the island of Capri / Blue Grotto – Grotta Azzurra / Faraglioni  / Piazza Umberto is the central square of Capri.

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