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White Bridge

The White Bridge (Beli most) or Bridge of Love ( Most ljubavi) is a historic stone bridge in Vranje ,Serbia.

The White Bridge was built in 1844 as a donation from Aisha Halum’s parents, as evidenced by an inscription carved on a marble slab and written in Turkish and Arabic. The legend relates the love of a Christian shepherd, Stojan, and of Aïcha, the daughter of Selim Pasha, the governor of Vranje. At the place where the event took place, a bridge was built, and a plaque was placed on the bridge, the so-called tarih, with the inscription in Turkish and Arabic: “Cursed be he who separates what love brings together.”

The White Bridge is a symbol of the city and is called “most ljubavi” (Bridge of Love) and  a protected cultural asset.

Access : Coordinates: 42.562222, 21.898056 / The White Bridge located in the Devet Jugovića Street, in Vranje , Pčinja district, Serbia.

Highlights :

  • Legend : According to legend  this bridge was built by Turkopoula’s mother Aisha, in memory of the unhappy love between her daughter and Stojan, a Serbian shepherd. Aisha’s last wish was to build this bridge with the money that had been prepared for her wedding.
    In the legend, after the birth of his daughter Aisha, the prophets predicted to Selim Pasha of Vranje that he would fall in love with a Christian. So Selim built a tower and kept Aisha locked up there. The tower was close to this bridge and had only a small window through which Aisha could see the outside world. Every day, Shepherd Stojan crossed the bridge with his flock of sheep. Aisha fell in love with Stojan, and her love was reciprocated by him. One day, while Aisha was trying to meet Stojan, her father found them and tried to kill Stojan. But he accidentally killed his own daughter when he tried to protect the young man he loved with her own body. After that, Stojan took his knife and committed suicide.
    There is a marble slab on the bridge that reads:
    “This bridge is called the White Bridge, and it will serve to help people. The water that flows below it will serve the health of the people! Passers-by cross the bridge and go back. You will see that it was built for the good of everyone. “Muhammed, Mustafa, help the human Aisha the owner. Guardian, forgive the sins of the beautiful and good Aisha and the sins of her father!”
    “Cursed will be he who separates what love brings together.”

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