Badami cave temples

Badami is famous for its cave temples which are accessed via stairways carved into the rock
Badami is famous for its cave temples which are accessed via stairways carved into the rock

Badami cave temples  is a complex of four Hindu, Jain and, as suggested, Buddhist cave temples located near the small town of Badami in Bagalkot district in the northern part of Karnataka state – India.

Badami is located on the western shore of Lake Agastya, surrounded by an earthen rampart and stone steps. Cave temples are an example of the first Hindu temples in the Dean. Together with the temple complex in Aikhol, they are considered the “cradle of temple architecture”, which subsequently influenced the architecture of later Hindu temples in other parts of India.
Since 2015, the temple complex has been on the preliminary list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites under the name “Evolution of Temple Architecture.

Access : Coordinates: 15.918333, 75.684167 / Badami Cave Temples are 142 km away. east of Belgavi and 140 km northwest of Hampi.  from Badami 5 km.  from UNESCO World Heritage Site, Pattadakal Temple Group, and 35 km. from Aikhol, another place with ancient monuments of Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism.
/ Badami Train Station is 4 km away. from the city. A railway line connects the town with Gadag, Hubli and Bijapur / From Badami Station, the caves can be reached by auto rickshaw. Regular buses connect Badami with the surrounding historical places: Aikhole, Pattadakal, Hospet, Hampi

Highlights :

  •  Cave 1 : The first cave is 59 feet (18 m) above ground level on the northwest side of the mountain. The steps are carved with figures of dwarf motifs (cow and horse head figures) to get to the cave. There are four pillars in the corridor, measuring 70 ft (21 m) x 65 ft (20 m). The pillars of Lord Shiva have been carved with incarnations. The Dwarf statue, at the entrance to the cave, is 6.166 feet (1.879 m) in size.
  •  Cave 2 : The image of the Mohamandapada rooftop and the Trivikrama avatar.The second cave is located north of the third cave . Built in the last years of the sixth century, the structure and size of the cave is almost like the first cave. However, the chief god of this cave is Thirumala. Steps are being made to reach the cave from the first cave. Sculptures of various Hindu deities are also found in the cave, like the first cave
  •  Cave 3 : The third cave is to the north, just like the second. There are 60 steps to go from the second cave to the third cave. The third cave is dedicated to Tirumala. It is the largest and complex cave in the cave.
  •  Cave 4 : At a higher elevation than the first three caves, there is a fourth cave east of the third cave. This cave, which has Jain religious images, is much later than other caves. Like the other caves, the cave has exquisite sculptures. The entrance to the cave has four square pillars. In the hall next to the gateway are two separate pillars and two parallel pillars. Steps are set to reach the sanctum, which is 25.5 feet wide and 6 feet deep.
  •  Cave 5 : The fifth cave is a small natural cave. The entrance to the cave is so narrow that you can enter the cave. A sculpture of the rest of the throne, carved into the cave, is carved with images of fan-blown women, a tree, elephants and lions. The face of the wreckage remained in good condition until 1995, when it was found to be in ruins.
  •  Other caves : In 2013, Manjunath Sullolli, deputy director of the Karnataka State Government’s Bagalkot district, announced the discovery of another cave of 27 sculptures 500 meters away from the main four cave caves.

Activities : sightseeing / photo opportunities : You can shoot with a camera everywhere and for free, but you will have to pay extra for video shooting, and that’s if you allow it./ trekking / Rock Climbing in Badami : Badami is a famous adventure destination / Shopping

Best Time To Visit : From November to March / Opening hours : 9am – 5:30pm (daily) / Entrance fees : 30 INR (1 USD) for Indians and 500 INR (7 USD) for foreigners.

Go next : Badami Fort / The Bhutanatha group of temples is near the Badami cave temples / Badami , a city in the Bagalkot district of Northern Karnataka, in Southern India / Pattadakal is a city in Karnataka. The town lies on the banks of the Malaprabha River in Bagalkot district of North Karnataka region.


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