Burana Tower

The Burana Tower  -Buraninsky Minaret-  is an archaeological and architectural monument located among the ruins of the Buraninsky settlement, 12 km south-west of the city of Tokmak in Kyrgyzstan ( officially the Kyrgyz Republic ,also known as Kirghizia ,is a country in Central Asia )   on the left bank of the Chu River.
Historians believe that the medieval city of Balasagun, the capital of one of the largest and most powerful feudal Turkic states, the Karakhanid state (940-1212), was located here. At this time, Balasagun, located on the Silk Road, was one of the flowering cities of Central Asia. In 1219 the city was captured by the Mongols, and by the XIV century. and completely ceased to exist. Only the huge Burana tower, the ruins of fortresses and defensive walls, as well as fragments of water pipes and found everyday objects and products of decorative art testify today to the past greatness of the capital of the Karakhanids.

Today the Burana Tower is one of the largest historical and architectural monuments of Kyrgyzstan and is protected by the state, attracting the attention of scientists and tourists.

Access : Coordinates: 42.746944, 75.248611 / Location: Don-Aryk, Tokmok 722201, Kirguistan / By bus :  bus line 212 from Tokmok center at the bazaar area , or hitch-hike , minibus departing from the east bus station of Bishkek (50 som) , From Tokmok take a taxi or a bus, departing around 09:30, 12:00 and 15:00, to Burana. The buses return to Tokmok around 14:00 and 16:00.  Entry fees : 60 som to climb the tower, 50 som (per group) to enter the small museum .

Tower Specifications :Date built: 11th century , Height: 24.6 meters, original height used to be over 40 meters

Activities : sightseeing : photo opportunities / Hiking / nature excursions

Nearby attractions : balbal stone carvings / Burana museum / Suusamyr Valley /

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