Burg Güssing

Burg Gussing is a castle in southern Burgenland , Austria.

Gussing Castle was initially built in the 12th century as a wooden fortification, which was subsequently replaced by a stone fortress. The castle was owned by the Batthyany family in the 16th and 17th centuries and they turned it into a mighty fortress to fend off the Hungarians. Visitors take the Clusiusweg, named after the famous botanist, from the village to reach the castle on foot.

The castle museum incorporates the ancestral hall and knights’ hall, the curiosities cabinet, the armory and the Clusius Room. The castle chapel, with the splendid Neo-Gothic high altar, is also of particular interest. In addition to being a popular attraction, the castle is now also an exhibition venue and the place where the “Burgspiele Gussing”, or castle plays, are staged in summer. On June 30, 1524, the castle was acquired by the Batthyany family, which retains ownership through a historical foundation that provides for the care and maintenance of the castle. Burg Gussing is 293 meters (961 ft) above sea level.

History : Established around 1157, Burg Gussing is the oldest castle in Burgenland. On June 30, 1524, Francis I, Batthyany (1497 – 1566) received Castle Gussing and the associated lands. Times changed and due to the modernization of warfare, the castle and fortress of Gussing slowly lost its strategic importance. In 1777 all guns were removed. Due to the high cost of maintenance and the introduced “roof tax” by empress Maria Theresia, there was a partial demolition of some of the castles fortifications.

In 1870 Prince Philipp Batthyany-Strattmann established a foundation for the preservation of the castle and monastery as an historic structure. However, in the years following World War I, foundation had lost most of its money due to inflation and the costs of war. Today, the castle acts as a tourist attraction in addition to being an important historical structure. Theater performances, concerts and readings can be attended on the castle grounds during the summer months, and there is a family museum located within.

Access : Coordinates:47.05666716.322778 : 4 ways to get from Vienna to Gussing by train, bus, car or plane. By Train : 3 h 58 min. includes 43 min transfer, cost approx. 17€ – 28€ /  By Bus : 4 h 8 min includes 1 h transfer cost aproxx. 40€ – 60€ / Drive from Vienna to Gussing :  1 h 51 min Approximate fuel cost: 15€ – 22€ 160,9 km / Fly,4 h 37 min ,includes 1 h 46 min transfer cost approx, 83€ – 260€

Exhibitions: Batthyany Castle Museum with Ancestral Gallery, Knight’s Hall and various art objects, chest organ from the 16th century
Illig Collection: “Princely Collective Passions” – paintings, music, historical living, hunting
“Eisenkunstguss” and “Burg- und Herrschaftsgeschichte”, historical tin soldiers collection and special exhibition “Waffen” Prices: for castle museum, special exhibitions and bell tower.

single group from 15 pers. Adults: 6,50 6, – Seniors: 5,50 5, – Pupils, students, apprentices, Presence and civilian servants: 4, – 3.50 Family ticket: 16, –
Guided tour (from 15 persons): 1.50 Inclined lift: 2, – ascent, 1, – descent . Exhibitions and events from April to October

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