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Furusund (historically also Halso ) is an island and small town in the Stockholm archipelago between Yxlan and Ekno in the Blido parish in Norrtalje municipality, Stockholm County.( Sweden

Today, the island is characterized by many holiday homes, especially summer time. Furusund has also given name to the highly-trained Furusundsleden that passes between Furusund and Yxlan. In Furusund and on the islands Yxlan and Blido many different events takes place. Here you will find galleries potteries, flea markets, nice restaurants and cafes. On Blido they have their own cinema.

The island Furusund and the eponymous capital of the island are about 80 km northeast of Vaxholm. Furusund was a fashionable seaside resort with illustrious summer guests at the end of the 19th century. They included August Strindberg, Carl Larsson and later Astrid Lindgren. Even today, Art Nouveau houses testify to this era. They are mainly on the beach promenade.

Later, a bridge connection to the mainland was added. This changed the character of the summer island. The high society was gone, and the place lost in shine. But even after the flowering season, there was a lot going on here every summer. But now it was holiday home guests, excursionists and leisure captains who filled the cafes and restaurants on the waterfront.

Access : Coordinates:59.660556, 18.906944 /  There is a bus service from the Technical University in Stockholm with a change in Norrtalje. The Blidosund company operates Furusund summer time from Stromkajen in Stockholm with M / S Sjobris or M / S Sjogull as well as the old steamship S / S Blidosund.

From Furusund, Trafikverket’s car ferry crosses the Furusund route to Yxlan.  From Yxlan there is a ferry connection on Blidoleden to Blido. Both ferry connections were established in 1954.

Highlights :

  • Optical telegraph :The new optical telegraph network was expanded in 1854 when the forces of the Western forces in the Baltic Sea during the Crimean war led to sharpened coastguards around the capital. With telegraphs like this one could quickly send messages along the coast. The telegraph was reconstructed in 1962 and is the only remaining and working in Sweden.
  • Customs house :The Customs House is now called Furusunds Vardshus and is now a restaurant and hotel. The customs house was built 1811-12 and was the place of work for 15 customs officers with families, inspector, caretaker and rowers.
  • Skomakar’s cabin :also known as “Skuttens Stuga”, at Forangsvagen 7, was August Strindberg’s first residence at Furusund.
  • Furusund mill : Furusund mill is a windmill located at Kvarnberget in Furusund in the Blido parish in Norrtalje municipality, Stockholm County. The mill was probably built in 1722 and was renovated in 1960 and 2009. Since 1985, the building is a law-protected building memorial.
  • Villa Romanov :Romanov, the big red house at Kallarbacken, was originally named for Red Building, and is now the oldest house in Furusund, built 1726-1729. It was from the beginning the main building to Furusund’s farm.
  • Christiansborg: the big white house next to Romanov, is named after the man who made Furusund an exclusive beach resort.The yellow Pavilions at the guest harbor, probably arrived at the beginning of the 20th century, by Dr. W. Michael of Berlin. He was employed as a swimmer in Furusund by a German consortium who in 1912 bought Furusund at auction.
  • Emperor bridge : The Emperor Bridge is located between the yellow octagonal pavilions, below what was once the Societet House.
  • king chair : The royal chair, located along the Strandvej on the right side, was manufactured by Per Wikstrom, the former owner of Furusund, in front of opera singer Johan Uddman’s visit to Furusund in the mid 1800’s.
  • Manor villa : The building was first built at Sundskar in the late 1800s, but was dragged over the ice to Furusund in the 1920s to serve as a hotel. The villa is now privately owned and houses pottery and gallery.


Activities : take a tour in spring or summer , walking , enjoy the flower blossoming , have a picnic near the water. sailing , Kayaking .

Go next : The island Yxlan / Blido is a very popular destination because you practically can not get any further out into the archipelago by car or bus / Vaxholm  / Oja  island /


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