Ilme Parik – Üleslaadija oma töö, commons.wikimedia
Ilme Parik – Üleslaadija oma töö, commons.wikimedia
Kaberneeme is a small coastal village in North Estonia located 40km east from Tallinn on Kaberneeme peninsula. Description :  The village of Kaberneeme is located on the coast of the Gulf of Finland on the Kaberneeme Peninsula, 22 kilometers northeast of Tallinn. The village is an popular destination. In the village is the yacht port of Caberneeme. The port building has a hotel and a restaurant. There is also a small holiday home.
History : At first, the name Caberneeme bore a fishing coast belonging to the village of Kaberla. In 1375, a collision between Estonian and Swedish fishermen occurred in Kaberneeme. In 1485, Caberneeme is referred to as a Swedish village . At the end of the 19th century, the village of Caberneeme became one of the most important centers for catching and processing fish near Tallinn: in 1892, the first people began to smoke fish, since 1893 kilone production has been operating . In 1944, after the end of the German occupation and the restoration of the Sovietization of Estonia, almost half of the 300 inhabitants of the Kaberneeme Peninsula sailed abroad . In Soviet times, there was a gardening (summer-building) cooperative “Kaberneeme” in the village, after which the buildings of interest remained. Near the village was located border cordon .

At the bottom of the sea in Kaberneeme Bay there are wrecks of the ship “Kihelkonna” (Kihelkonna), which are an archaeological site and are listed in the Estonian State Register of Cultural Monuments

Access : Coordinates: 59.516667, 25.266667 /There are 3 ways to get from Tallinn to Kaberneeme by bus, taxi or car / By bus :  , Line 152 bus. bus lines :peatus.ee / By car : Drive from Tallinn to Kaberneeme , 38 min Approximate fuel cost: 3€ – 6€ 37,7 km / By taxi : axi from Tallinn to Kaberneeme
38 min One-Way from: 25€ – 31€ 37,7 km ,Taxi providers : Guide Service Taxi – GTAKSO – Pink Taxi .

Attractions : The beach is the biggest attraction of the village /  visit Turjekeldri Waterfall and Naekiallika Smithy-Museum of Tools. It’s approximately 4 miles from Kaberneeme, and well worth the trip. Kuusalu is another great option. It’s located just 7 miles out of Kaberneeme. Have a look around town and drop into St. Lawrence Church and St. Lawrence’s Stone.
Kaberneeme Kulaselts , Valkla Kortsihoone Ja Kivisild is one of the most popular places to visit in Kaberneeme,

Activities: The beach is the biggest attraction of the village – it’s 2 km long with pine tree forests edging right up to the shore. Horse riding , hikking , BBQ , walking along the coastline. Camp trails can be found in the forest.

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