(Helleborus), CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
(Helleborus), CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
Kiruna  is the northernmost city in Sweden. Located in Swedish Lapland, in the Norrbotten county.Kiruna is located in the north of Sweden, 145 kilometres (90 mi) north of the Arctic circle.
Kiruna is the northernmost point in Sweden, located near the Finnish and Norwegian border (Lapland, Norrbotten county), The weather in Kiruna is the most wintry. Moreover, it bears the title of the coldest city in Sweden. The average January temperature is -13 ° С, but sometimes the thermometer readings drop to a record -40 ° С. The warmest month is July. At this time, the air warms up to + 12- + 20 ° С.
Kiruna which is just over 100 years old and has a population of less than 25 thousand people. However, this does not prevent it from remaining one of the most developed and popular tourist destinations in Sweden.
Kiruna is often called the winter capital of Europe. In addition, the city has several cafes and restaurants, as well as a huge shopping center where you can buy everything – from groceries to souvenirs.

Access : Coordinates: 67.848889, 20.302778 / Kiruna has an airport that receives flights from the Swedish capital, Stockholm. / Trains leave from Kiruna railway station to many cities not only in Sweden, but also in neighboring Norway. The Malmbanan railway line runs through the city. There is a passenger connection with Stockholm (via Luleå) (2 night trains) and Narvik in Norway (3 trains), the railway line to Narvik is one of the busiest Scandinavian lines.
/ The city is located on European route 10. connecting Luleå with Norway and passing near Gällivare (south of Kiruna) and Narvik (on the Norwegian coast).

Highlights :

  •  The main distinguishing feature of this austere town is the close proximity to the North Pole, from the beginning of December to the end of January, a quiet polar night reigns here, the darkness of which is diluted with the amazing beauty of the northern lights.
  •  Kiruna Church (belongs to the diocese of Luleå) : The wooden parish church, or church, as the locals call it, was built in the early 20th century in the style of Norwegian church architecture. The author of the project was the famous architect Gustav Wikman, who decided to give the temple the shape of a tent or a Sami one of the largest wooden buildings in Sweden.Prince Eugene, who painted the altarpiece, and Christian Eriksson, who created the relief for the facade of the building, took part in the design of the church.
  •  Ice hotel : Kiruna it is considered almost the most important attraction. Located 18 km from the city center, In the village of Yukkasjärvi,  east of Kiruna ,the Ice hotel is one of the most famous and most visited places in Sweden.The hotel, made of pure snow and ice, has about 80 rooms.
  • The Kåppashålagrotte, one of the longest grotto systems in Sweden, is worth a visit. After entering, underground waterfalls can be admired. The mine museum provides information about 100 years of history and the development of the mine.      underground mines : For some time now, the LKAB has been offering guided tours through an exhibition mine. The bus goes from the Kiruna Tourist Office to the exhibition mines. The tour is offered daily, but only if there is sufficient demand from September to May. The main brainchild of the LKAB’s Visitor Center mining concern produces so much steel per day that it would be enough for the construction of 6 Eiffel Towers. This amounts to 30 million tons per year! Kiruna was created as a settlement for the iron ore mine of the same name. So that the deposits below the city can be mined, it will be completely relocated five kilometers to the east by 2040.
  •  City Hall (Kiruna Stadshuset) : Kiruna Stadshuset, designed by Arthur von Schma-lense, is considered the most famous structure in Kiruna. Unlike most typical buildings, this town hall has a rather unusual interior decoration.Currently, Stadshuset houses the city administration and several permanent art exhibitions.
  •  Esrange Space Center : Another attraction are the tours of the rocket launch site Esrange, which take place at certain times.Commercial space flights are to start from Kiruna in a few years. Originally, 2012 was the earliest date. Virgin Galactic is said to be the provider of the flights in cooperation with Spaceport Sweden.

Activities : photo opportunities, Shot the northern lights (aurora borealis) / visit the Ice hotel / snowmobiling, dog sledding, skiing trips and creating sculptures from snow blocks / rafting, fishing, snowmobile tours, fishing and hiking.

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