Ljusterö is an island in Sweden. It is in the northern part   of the Stockholm archipelago in the municipality of Österåkers, Stockholm County.  It  is approximately 65 kilometers north of  central Stockholm.

Ljusterö consists for the most part of slightly hilly terrain, between forests , fields and pastures. There are 15 lakes.  The highest point, Ljustero Huvud, located in the south of the island, is 52 m high. There are plenty of  animals: rabbits, foxes, badgers, red deer and moose frolic here
Visitors to the island of Ljustero will find a variety of gastronomic offers in the various communities. Alternatively, guests of a holiday home in different supermarkets can self-supply. The locomotion on the island is simple, but also diverse, These are either in the form of holiday apartments and smaller guest houses in the villages or as guest houses or cottages distributed along the coastlines.
Leisure activities on one of Stockholm’s most popular holiday island are numerous. Golf, tennis, hunting, and plenty of opportunity for swimming and boating.

Access : Coordinates: 59.525833, 18.623611 / By car : Take road E4, E18 and road 276 towards Ljusterö – Ostana and then with the car ferry, which runs every half hour  , ferrys also running   from Stockholm center  /  Between Smaskarsudden on the north coast of the island drives a short and moreover free car ferry to the mainland to Ostana. Guests can get there quickly and directly to the center of the island, Ljusterö Market Square, which is three kilometers away.

Get around :
There are roads , otherwise the flat landscape and the relatively quiet traffic are ideal for cycling. Bus 626 operates both northern and southern Ljusterö several times a day. However, Ljustero lacks Taxi.
Marina : Guest harbor is available for those who come with their own boat, with about 10 docking stations (1-4 m water depth) and petrol station for boats at Klintsundet and at Linanas pier.

Highlights :

  • Ljusterö home town & boat museum in Mellansjo , museum at Asreik with collections from the life of a self-sufficient archipelago. Also a tele-department with eg. phones, switches, computers and radios.
  • Eastern Lagno nature reserve , a large nature reserve which is managed by the Archipelago Foundation in Stockholm County.
  •  Mjolnarstroms old school , Crafts – ceramics and textiles / Marum’s farm. Marums gard’s manor house is a whitewashed, larger manor building in stone on three floors with two wing buildings, completed in the early 1740s. Marum’s farm is the only larger manor house on the island and one of the few buildings of its kind in the entire Stockholm archipelago.
  •  On the northern shore in the heart of Bossarviken there is a large population of orchids. There are also a large number of oak trees there. The largest has an age of about 350 years.
  •  Ljusterö Huvud , From the mountain Ljusterö Huvud on the west side of the island,( the highest point on the island ) you can see about 30 kilometers in clear weather. At the top of the mountain there is a large concrete foundation for cannons. These were built together with the fortress of Siaro during the Second World War./ the church of Ljusterö
  •  Siarofortet. 3 km On the western side of Norra Ljusterö in Furusundsleden lies the churchyard island with the Siarafortet, an island with six old anti-aircraft bunkers from World War II, which is a popular excursion destination with arranged guided tour.
  •  Marums gard, is a white-painted manor, which was built of stone , The building is three-storey and has two side buildings. It was completed in the 1740s , The estate was declared a monument in 1983.

Activities : guided tours  /  swimming  /  cycling  / boating  / canoeing /  fishing / hiking , the island offers numerous hiking routes  / golfing , 18 holes golf course / Explore the typical Scandinavian bays, made up of a mix of rugged cliffs, reeds or forest shores
excursions to the smaller or more remote islands

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