red beach – Santorini

red beach
Rare beach in Santorini  ( Greece ) that definitely deserves to be visited. It stands out for its red sand and for the red-black volcanic landscape you meet.

Red Beach earns its name from the iron-rich sedimentary rocks in the cliff face towering above you, as well as the red sand. It’s quite crowded  you can rent an umbrella and a pair of chaise lounges for € 10, though there is also some good free space nearby that gets packed by midday.

The first few meters of the water near the shore are quite gravelly, so be prepared to step on some stones. Women are frequently topless. Many distant yachts can be seen from the beach—it looks really romantic at sunset time. Great snorkeling – an abundance of sea life is present, as with Perissa.

“Red beach closed due to landslide – check before you go”

Access  Coordinates : Distance from Fira : 13.8 km , Driving Time: 28 minutes /  : 36.34740,25.39566 / Red Beach- it’s worth taking the Red Beach/Akrotiri bus from Fira and then climbing over the very rocky trails to get here (though there are water taxis and various schooners that make their way here as well).

tip : The tavernas built into the caves on Red Beach seem to have no electricity or running water, so if you eat or use the washrooms there, bring along hand sanitizer!

Activities: Swimming / Scuba and snorkeling / Walking and hiking / snapping selfies : Insta spot / photo opportunities / Santorini boat tours

Nearby Attractions – Go next : Akrotiri Lighthouse / Kamari – black pebble beach.


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