The landscape contains one of the richest desert flora in the world
The landscape contains one of the richest desert flora in the world
The cultural and botanical landscape of the Richtersfeld Reserve is located in the Northern Cape Province, in South Africa. The park is full of varied landscapes, from flat sandy plains, to rugged mountains.

The landscape contains one of the richest desert flora in the world. Miniature stone gardens were formed naturally. There are also mountains of volcanic rocks and a lush landscape around the Orange River on the Namibian border.. Its vegetation is mainly characterized by high-rise trees that store large amounts of water inside bladders, with underground bulbs, they are very colorful. In their bark they contain sticky hairs to catch the sand and protect themselves from the wind.

The mountainous, desert-like terrain is the last area in southern Africa, where still living inhabitants of the Nama tribe as  nomadic shepherds. In 2007, UNESCO named this landscape a World Heritage Site.
The Richtersfeld Nature Reserve is managed by the Nama community, leading a semi-nomadic lifestyle, which, according to the oral tradition and the opinion of scientists, has not changed for 2000 years. On the territory there are seasonal cattle grazing, mobile buildings – nama tsharu oms, healing herbs are being collected.

Access : Coordinates: -28.6, 17.203889 / There is no road in the park. It can only be accessed in 4X4.The fastest way to get to the Richtersveld Cross-Border National Park is on the N7 motorway, leaving on Steinkopf and approaching the park through Port Nolloth and Alexander Bay.

Highlights :

  • Richtersveld National Park. The | Ai-| Ais / Richtersveld Transboundary Park is a national park shared between South Africa and Namibia that includes two former national parks, Richtersveld National Park in South Africa, and | Ai-| Ais Hot Springs Reconnaissance Park. in Namibia. It is a vast mountain desert, jointly managed by the Namas and SANParks (South African National Parks), which is home to the world’s largest variety of succulents.
  • The Richtersfeld Reserve : The Richtersfeld Reserve was established more than 10 years ago when local residents of the Nama people left the Richtersfeld National Park, located in their traditional territory.
  • Flora and fauna : The landscape of the reserve is formed by desert, succulent plateau and finbos biomes. The reserve is located in one of the five centers of endemism of the succulent plateau, in which more than 350 species of endemic plants grow.
  • Apart from guesthouses in Kuboes and Eksteenfontein as well as a small museum in little town of Eksteenfontein there is hardly any tourist infrastructure yet.

Activities : photo opportunities- photography trips-photography spots / guided tours / Fly-fishing on the Orange river / Explore / 4×4 trailS / Hiking / bird watching / Camping

Where to stay : The park has a number of accommodation options to offer, from rustic camps to a fully equipped camp in Sendelingsdrif.

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