The Introd bridge

The Introd bridge is a bold stone structure built at the beginning of the twentieth century to replace previous wooden bridges. Built over a cliff of about 80 meters. Introd is a small town  located in the autonomous region of Valle d’Aosta, north-western Italy.
Ponte Vecchio di Introd – The bridge, built between 1915 and 1916 to cross the 80-meter ravine of the Savara stream, ensures the road connection between the bottom of the valley and the valleys of Valsavarenche and Rhêmes.
For the huge wooden scaffolding, 8m wide and 34m long, whole tree trunks were used. The stones used for this work were quarried in the nearby village of Norat.
The peculiarity that most impresses tourists, or anyone who crosses it, is that it is built on an abyss, about 80 meters high from the stream that flows below it.
Currently, renovation and consolidation works are in progress.

Access : Coordinates:45.69177,7.18529 / From France or Turin-Milan take the A5 Turin-Aosta motorway and exit at the Aosta Ovest – Saint Pierre tollbooth; continue towards Villeneuve and then follow the signs for Introd. / You can park not far away near the castle and reach it with a few minutes’ walk.

Highlights :

  •  The bridge of Introd, which connects the various villages of the Municipality, gives access to the valleys of Rhemes and Valsavarenche, and which is the highest in the Valle d ‘Aosta – about 80 meters.
  •  The position at the foot of the Gran Paradiso National Park means that, in the summer season, from Introd there is a network of paths that are excellent for trekking or mountain biking.
  •  As Ponte di Introd, we can talk about two different artifacts located at a short distance from each other: the New Bridge of 1916 and the Ponte Vecchio – the old bridge of 1827.
  •  The municipality of Introd is located between the Dora di Rhêmes and the Savara torrent, the waterways that respectively plow the Val di Rhêmes and that of Valsavarenche, which belong to the Gran Paradiso National Park, which right in Introd begins.

Activities : Scenic Driving- Auto Touring / photo opportunities / Discover Valle d’Aosta.

Go next : The old bridge – The town of Introd is the natural gateway to the Gran Paradiso valley / Les Combes d’Introd village is characterized by traditional architecture / The castle of Introd  is one of the castles of the Aosta Valley.


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