Torshavn is the capital and largest town of the Faroe Islands. Torshavn is in the southern part on the east coast of Streymoy. To the northwest of the city lies the 347-meter-high (1,138 ft) mountain Husareyn, and to the southwest, the 350-meter-high (1,150 ft) Kirkjuboreyn. They are separated by the Sanda River. The town proper has a population of 13,089 (2017), and the greater urban area a population of 21,000.

The Norse established their parliament on the Tinganes peninsula in AD 850. Torshavn thus became the capital of the Faroe Islands and has remained so ever since. All through the Middle Ages the narrow peninsula jutting out into the sea made up the main part of Torshavn. Early on, Torshavn became the centre of the islands’ trade monopoly, thereby being the only legal place for the islanders to sell and buy goods. In 1856, the trade monopoly was abolished and the islands were left open to free trade.

Access : Coordinates: 62.011667, -6.7675  /   by air : You can fly non-stop to the Faroe Islands from a variety of destinations, such as Edinburgh (Scotland)   Bergen (Norway) Copenhagen (Denmark), Reykjavik (Iceland) . Seasonal flights from  Barcelona, Mallorca, Crete and Malta and Gran Canary islands . Atlantic Airways and Scandinavian Airlines fly to the Faroe Islands. By sea :  The Faroe Islands is accessible by ferry from Iceland and Denmark.

Sites of interest : Torshavn Cathedral and Bryggjubakki street , Tinganes, the old part of town, is still made up of small wooden houses covered with turf roofs. The oldest one dates back 500 years. Torshavn Cathedral, the second oldest church in the country. Torshavn harbour. Fort Skansin, a historic site dating back to the sixteenth century Listasavn Foroya, the Faroese art museum. The main church, Vesturkirkjan, with outside art work by Hans Pauli Olsen. The Nordic House in the Faroe Islands, the most important cultural institution in the Faroes. The historical museum in Hoyvik, with all its treasures.
The museum of Natural History, with a small botanical garden with 150 Faroese plants.
Niels Finsens gota, Torshavn’s only pedestrianised street.


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