Vaxholm is a locality and the seat of Vaxholm Municipality, Stockholm County, Sweden. It is located on the island of Vaxon  in the Stockholm archipelago.

The name Vaxholm comes from Vaxholm Castle, which was constructed in 1549 on an islet with this name on the inlet to Stockholm, for defence purposes, by King Gustav Vasa. For historical reasons it has always been referred to as a city, despite the small number of inhabitants, which as of 2010 total was 4,857. Vaxholm Municipality prefers to use the designation Vaxholms stad (City of Vaxholm) for its whole territory, including 64 islets in the Stockholm archipelago, a usage which is somehow confusing.

History : The town of Vaxholm was established in 1558, when King Gustav Vasa bought some farms from Count Per Brahe the Elder. It later received rights as a merchant town (koping) and in 1652 was granted the Royal Charter. The designated coat of arms reminds of the fortifications as well as shipping industry. During the 19th century, it hardly expanded. In the 1880s, it became a popular spa town, and many wooden summer houses were built by people from Stockholm.

It was not until 1912 that it allowed houses to be built from materials other than wood, giving the town a distinctive appearance.

Access : Coordinates: 59.416667, 18.316667 / Vaxholm is situated on an island, but is linked to the Swedish mainland by a series of road bridges, and a bus service connects the town to Stockholm city. The Waxholmsbolaget and other ferry lines also provide boat services to central Stockholm and many of the other islands of the Stockholm archipelago.

The Vaxholmsleden  car ferry connects Vaxholm to the island of Rindo  across the Kodjupet  strait. The Kastellet ferry, an electrically powered cable ferry provides passenger access to Vaxholm Castle on its islet in the middle of the Kodjupet.

Highlights :

  • Vaxholm is one of the 134 Swedish cities with the historical status of a city. The main attraction is the Vaxholm-fortress , which was built to guard Stockholm from the sea. The first fortification was built during the reign of Gustav Wasa. The castle was given its present form in the 19th century.
  • Vaxholm Fortress Museum – Archipelago’s largest museum – : Welcome to our museum depicting the defense of the archipelago of Stockholm and the exciting history of Vaxholms fortress during an overwhelming period of 500 years. During the winter months, the museum is open for booked group visits, please contact our booking for more information, tel: 08-1200 4870.  location : Kastellet, Vaxholm 185 99, Sweden
  • Vaxholm Church : 23 Hamngatan, Vaxholm 185 32, Sweden

Activities :

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