Andechs is a municipality in the Upper Bavarian district of Starnberg and a pilgrimage site. Andechs is well-known for the Benedictine monastery of the same name, which has been a frequent visitor since its inception thanks to its beer marketed under the Andechser brand, as well as the dairy products of Andechser Scheitz dairy, the largest German organic dairy.


Access : Coordinates: 47.966667, 11.184722 / By public transportation to Herrsching (S-Bahn S8, about 50 minutes), south west of Munich  from there it is an approximately 4km hike through beautiful scenery, or you can take a bus or cab. It is about 30km southwest of Munich but taking the car is not advisable, at least not if you plan on drinking.

If you are taking the S-Bahn then follow the small signs that state “Fussweg nach Andechs” which will lead you from Herrsching station to the abbey. About 7 minutes into the walk you get to the end of Andechsstrasse where you will find a sign that points right (there is a steep hill with a staircase leading up to a church directly behind the sign) From here you can turn right as the sign suggests and then immediately left onto Leitenhohe, or carry on forward up Kientalstrasse. Both routes go through pleasant housing then woodland, however the Kientalstrasse route is slightly easier. Going up via Leitenhohe and then back via Kientalstrasse is the best of both worlds.

The Bus line 951 runs from Herrsching S-Bahn station with some more stops within the town. The bus station in Andechs is next to the monastery parking place. Note that this Bus is not operated by Munichs public transport company but by, so you have to pay the fare even if you have a day ticket or something. The price is 2,20 € for one way. If you are planning a visit, try to avoid the weekends: it can get quite full.

Highlights :

  • Kloster Andechs (Andechs Monastery),
  • Bergstrasse . is a baroque monastery and catholic church of pilgrimage, picturesquely located on a hill between the Ammersee and the Starnbergersee. It is surrounded by dairy pasture, and the Alps sit off to the horizon in the south. Take a seat, and just look around. No matter the time of year, the scenery is beautiful.

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