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Aure, Sykkylven

Aure (also called Sykkylven) is a village in the municipality of Sykkylven, in the province of Møre og Romsdal, Norway.

Several ancient finds have been made in Aure. The town has a natural history museum.
Aure is located at the mouth of Grebstaddalen towards the fjord where the Aure river from Andestadvatnet empties into Sykkylvsfjorden.Aure is an industrial city with a furniture and wood products industry ( the largest furniture factory in the country) and a workshop industry, including the electrical engineering, metal products and machinery industries.

Access : Coordinates: 62.3914, 6.5795 / The municipality located south-east of the city of Ålesund.Aure has road connections with Ålesund (Fv. 60) via ferry across the Storfjord (Aursnes – Magerholm).

Highlights :

  • Aure is an administration center in Sykkylven municipality and is part of the larger town of Sykkylven.
  • Sykkylven church : a parish church of the Church of Norway, The church dates from 1990 and was built in concrete and brick. She has a free-standing clock stop. The architect for the building was Oskar Nordervald. The church received an award at the Nordic Church Builders’ Conference in Bergen in 1992.
  • The Furniture Museum, part of the Sunnmøre Museum Foundation, is located in Aure.
  • Aure is legally located by the sea, and fishing has also played an important role in the way of life down through time. From ancient times it has been our salmon nest in Ullavika.

Go next : The other two settlements in Sykkylven municipality : Ikornnes and Straumgjerde.






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