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Avenue of the Baobabs

The Baobab Avenue or Alley of the Baobabs is located on the road connecting the towns of Murundava and Beloni-Tziribiina, in the central part of the western coast of the Madagascar
Baobabs are found not only on this island, but also in Africa, and even in Australia. Baobab bark is widely used on the farm. Ropes and fabrics are made from it.A delicious drink is prepared from the dried pulp of the baob fruit.

Baobab blooms once a year in early summer (in Madagascar – from October to December). Flowers on a thick stalk bloom in the evening. In the morning they wither, acquiring an unpleasant putrid smell, and fall off.
The baobabs in the alley are about 30 meters high, and their age reaches 800 years. Since 2007, the baobab alley has been protected by the state and the nearby Andranomena Reserve National Park. The Balbab Avenue and  is very remarkable, and attracts thousands of tourists here every year.

Access : Coordinates: -20.25, 44.419444 / Distance from the capital of Madagascar, Antananarivo, about 360 km Distance to the nearest airport, Morundava, about 10 km.

Highlights :

  •  baobabs is a huge reservoir of water. It can hold about 120 thousand liters of water.
  •  This is practically a highway, on which trucks, buses and a lot of tourists travel, since there is simply no other road to Tsingy de Bemaraj!
  •  the alien “Alley of the Baobabs” – in one of the most famous and beautiful natural places in Madagascar.About 20-25 trees lined up along the road in a kind of avenue of baobabs, each about 30 meters in height, represent a very unusual landscape that attracts curious tourists to this area.

Activities : sightseeing / photo opportunities, capture them with your photographic equipment / trekking / stop at the famous Alley of the Baobabs at sunset. Stunning views and photos guaranteed.

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