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Torysh valley and the stone pearls of Mangystau

One of the unique natural places in Kazakhstan is the Valley of stone pearls, located in the Torysh tract, Torysh is a valley in Western Karatau, Kazakhstan. The valley consists of numerous globular rock formations scattered across a wide range of steppe lands. The balls range in size from tiny marble rocks to huge car-sized boulders.

The reason for the formation of globular nodules is the subject of research by scientists. For over 250 years, geologists have been trying to figure out what processes influenced the emergence of spherical formations.there is a more poetic version of the origin of the Valley of the Balls among the people. According to local legend, hordes of enemies came to Mangistau land, covering the land with locusts. The locals stretched out their hands to heaven in prayer for help and were heard. The skies opened up in torrents, thunder and lightning. In an instant, all enemies turned into stones, which remained in a foreign land.
Nodules outcrops can be found at a distance of more than a hundred kilometers, this gives the area a unique unearthly look. Concretions don’t just look like balls. Some of them look like nesting dolls, others look like top hats and UFOs.
The field of spherical concretions Torysh is the most popular among travelers.The Valley of the Balls is located about 8.5 km from the village of Shetpe, on a steppe plateau. There is no drinking water and forest plantations in the vicinity.To get here, you need an all-terrain vehicle.

Access : Coordinates: / The valley is located between the Karatau ridge and ledges of Northern and Southern Aktau.The distance between the city of Aktau and the Valley of Balls is about 108 km.

Highlights :

  • Locals call this place Koi-Tas, or “stone sheep”, which, like a herd, scattered across the steppe. However, the word “torish” itself is translated as “water depression”.
  • According to legend, the brave batyr Ersary-Baba (according to another legend, the overseas giant Atlant) fired from a cannon, and the stones-balls flew in different directions. After that, this valley was formed. According to legends, these unusual stones are endowed with a special sacred power and filled with energy.

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