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Pedra do Ovo egg stone ,Balneário Camboriú , Santa Catarina

Pedra do Ovo is  a huge egg-shaped rock , a stone split in half ,  on the Rodesindo Pavan Beach Access Line, at Balneário Camboriú, a coast beach city in the southern state of Santa Catarina, Brazil.

The stone is shaped like a huge egg and served as a nautical reference for boats that used to pass by.Pedra do Ovo, which divides the two beaches, Taquara and Taquarinha. It has a vertical crack, giving the impression that the egg is breaking.
beautiful and enigmatic,is an excellent opportunity to take pictures at the viewpoint next door with a wonderful view of the sea and if it is early in the morning then a beautiful sunrise.

Access : Coordinates: / Pedra do Ovo Located along the Rodesindo Pavan highway, better known as Intepraias ,  between the beaches of Taquarinhas and Taquaras.

Highlights :

  • Pedra do Ovo the amazing egg-shaped rock in the middle of the road, at Easter the stone is decorated.
  • Pedra do Ovo is a place with views and beautiful beaches, bars, restaurants. Nature’s perfection! excellent viewpoint for perfect photos.

Go next : Balneário Camboriú / Parque Unipraias: one of the main tourist attractions in Camboriú , the beaches of Taquarinhas and Taquaras.



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