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Benagil Sea Cave beach

The Benagil Sea Cave beach is a cave beach that has been created naturally thanks to the erosion of the sea when it hits the rocky cliffs for years and years. It can be seen at first glance how water can overcome the strength of the stones with constancy.
The result is a kind of beach inside a cave, where there is only a little sun in the early hours of the day, when the sun sets on top of the oculus that is at the top, an oculus that is also It has created naturally thanks to the shock of water. The whim of nature and chance, allow us today to enjoy a place as beautiful as this beach is tucked into a natural cave. It seems amazing but it’s totally true.
This hidden beach located In the region of Algarve, near the city of Lagoa, is Benagil Beach, from which you can visit the Algar de Benagil or Benagil Cave, also known as “the Cathedral”.The Benagil Cave is considered one of the most spectacular places in Portugal.
Parking is also an inconvenience and you will have to park on the road. If in high season you do not arrive early, you will have to walk almost half a kilometer along the road.
For all this, the best time to visit the cave is September, because the water is not too cold and there are much less people.

Access : Coordinates: 37.087493, -8.423764 / The cave does not have direct access from the mainland, so to access it you have to do it by sea. there is several different options: In kayak or canoe , Swimming , Boat tour.
This beach cave is located about 60 meters from the beach of Benagil, so it is very easy to reach swimming or even on a mat if you do not trust your swim much. It is very easy to access it to enjoy this amazing place.

Activities: Swimming / Scuba and snorkeling / Walking and hiking / snapping selfies : Insta spot / photo opportunities / stand-up paddleboard tour / Benagil Sea Cave Tour

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