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Cabo Girão

Cape Girao or Cabo Girão is a steep cliff located on the south coast of the island of Madeira , about 9 km west of the center of Funchal, the capital of Madeira. in the Portuguese archipelago of Madeira.
The cape is located less than two kilometers west of the center of Camara de Lobos, between the parishes of Quinta Grande and Camara de Lobos. It constitutes a steep diamond-shaped cliff between 560 and 589 meters high above sea level and constitutes one of the highest cliffs in Europe.

The highest point of the cliff is 580 m above sea level, It is among highest capes in  Europe (behind 860 m Hornelen, 750 m Enniberg Cape, 668 m Crouaghaun, 621 m Vixia Herbeira, 604 m Preikestolen and 601 m Slieve League .
At the foot of the cliff there is a small crop area called Fajas do Cabo Girao, which until the construction of a cable car in 2003, could only be accessed by sea, The cable car is located a few kilometers east in the district Rancho.

For Visitors , Cabo Girao is popular as a vantage point with a glass-bottomed platform and starting point for paragliders and The location is also a popular starting point for hikers..
Recently, Portuguese paratrooper Mario Pardo made a spectacular motorcycle jump from here.

Access : Coordinates: 32.656389, -17.006667 / At the top of the cliff is a small but more busy access road from the ER 229 winding between Funchal and Ribeira Brava.
By bus : the bus route 154 passes through the cliffs, and does not offer many departures during the weekend.

Facilities : There is a rooftop parking and tourist information center.

Highlights :

  • The main attraction is the rock wall itself, from the top of which you can see tiny cultivated parcels (Faja dos Asnos): these lands can only be reached by boat.
  • Skywalk : famous for its suspended glass platform.The viewpoint has undergone conditioning works, and it has built a suspended glass platform, called skywalk.The glass floor of the platform is completely safe, but it is easy to cause slight dizziness in any sensible person.
  • At the highest point of the cliff is a tourist outlook, from where you can see the town of Camara de Lobos in the east and Funchal behind it. To the west, there is a grassy plateau where paraglaidists sometimes start.
  • At the foot of the cliff there are fields, small vineyards and restaurants on the seashore.Until 2003, access to the fields was just a ship. In August of that year, a cargo elevator was built almost below the cliff top to a place called Rancho
  • the cable car : Until 2003, access to the fields was just a ship. In August of that year, a cargo elevator was built almost below the cliff top to a place called Rancho. The lower station is next to the fields called Fajas do Cabo Girao. Today, the cable car also carries tourists,
    while driving to overcome the fear of heights.There are two cabins in 6 places,The return trip by cable car costs € 5.00 and follows the cliff face.Hours: Winter Hours – Open every day: 08: 00-20: 00 / Summer Time: Open every day: 08: 00-21: 00

Activities : photo opportunities- photography trips / sightseeing / snapping selfies : Insta spot / paragliding and BASE jumping / Guided tours /

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