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Cala Mariolu beach

Cala Mariolu beach is located in Punta Ispuligi, north of Arbatax between Cala Biriola and Cala Goloritzé,in the province of Nuoro in Sardinia,Italy.

The beach of Cala Mariolu is as beautiful as few:The cliff, covered by the typical Mediterranean scrub, moves back west from the sea, and reaches about 500 meters in height. it is characterized by small pebbles of pink marble mixed with sand. Its waters are clear blue.
Right on the cove there is a beautiful cave, although the most beautiful one to visit is that of the fig tree, reachable thanks to the boats departing from the harbors of Arbatax, Cala Gonone and S. Maria Navarrese.
Winner of the prestigious TripAdvisor Travelers Choice Beaches Awards 2010 and regularly at the top of the rankings of the most beautiful beaches in Italy ,but also in Europe and the world, Cala Mariolu is one of the beaches to visit at least once in a lifetime.

Access : Coordinates: 40.108630, 9.689288 / Cala Mariolu is about 11 miles from the port and can be reached in 30 minutes / The beach of Cala Mariolu is reached daily from May to September from the ports of Cala Gonone, Santa Maria Navarrese, Arbatax, La Caletta and Orosei.

Highlights :

  • The real name of Cala Mariolu is Ispuligidenìe – Is Puliges de Nie: “the snow fleas” and refers to the numerous small white pebbles that form the beach of the cove.
  • Facilities and services : Here you can rent deck chairs and umbrellas and snorkeling equipment.
  • You can get to Cala Mariolu beach on foot : From the Golgo plateau there is a well-marked path.The distance to cover is 6 kilometers, the path is not recommended for children and the elderly and for “improvised walkers”.
  • Trekking, biking, climbing throughout the territory.Offshore it is a paradise for divers and snorkelers,
  • No more than 650 people can access it at the same time, it will not be possible to stay for more than two hours each on the beach.

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