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Cape Palliser Lighthouse

Cape Palliser Lighthouse is a lighthouse at Cape Palliser in Wellington’s North Island region of New Zealand.

The lighthouse stands on a cliff, whose height is 58 meters, the height of the lighthouse itself is 18 meters, so the light of the lighthouse is at an altitude of 78 meters above sea level. The lamp flashes twice every 20 seconds and can be seen at a distance of 26 nautical miles (48 kilometers), and in good weather you can see the South Island from Cape Pallizer lighthouse.
The climb is very steep and also quite dangerous, but from the lighthouse there are wonderful views of the sea abyss.
The records of the lighthouse have many records telling about the loss of food during unloading. In general, the life of the lighthouse keepers in those years was difficult and very dangerous.
Climbing the lighthouse, you can enjoy a beautiful bird’s eye view of Palliser Bay, watch the fur seal games of one of the largest colonies in the world, and also visit a small fishing village located near the lighthouse.

Access : Coordinates: -41.611917, 175.289944 / The distance from Wellington to Cape Pallizer is only 50 kilometers, but you can overcome it along a winding road and narrow bridges in only two hours.

Highlights :

  •  Cape Palliser Lighthouse is one of three New Zealand lighthouses with a separate striped paint scheme.
  •  Cape Palliser Lighthouse has 250+ steps to reach the base of the lighthouse, replacing an extremely dangerous and steep climb to the top.
  •  Not far from the lighthouse is a colony of fur seals – the largest colony of New Zealand fur seals on the North Island.
  •  The staircase to the lighthouse consists of 258 steps and was built in 1912. But in the first years of the lighthouse’s existence.
  •  this place is Cape Pallizer, the southernmost point of the island of North.

Activities : sightseeing / photo opportunities / landscape observation / Scenic Driving- Auto Touring / Adventuring

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