Chiềng Khoa Waterfall

Chieng Khoa Waterfall, also known as May waterfall, Na Tram waterfall, is a small waterfall located in Moc Chau , a large, mountainous district of the Son La province, about 200 kilometers west of Hanoi,Vietnam.

Chieng Khoa waterfall is also known as May waterfall, associated with the legend of the Xên Ban – Xen Muong festival of the people here. Chieng Khoa waterfall has 7 floors, each floor is about 7 to 10 meters high. At the foot of each waterfall floor, there is a large area forming a reservoir, making a place for you to freely swim.
In addition to the waterfall itself, in its surroundings you can see memorable scenic views of the mountains, rivers and jungle.The Chieng Khoa waterfall lake still retains its pristine look and crystal clear emerald green water.The waterfall has not been exploited for tourism, so it is still quite wild and natural.

Access : Coordinates: 21.615666, 104.846796 / Address: Chieng Khoa, Chieng Khoa commune, Moc Chau  district of Son La province,located about 12km from Moc Chau center.

Highlights :

  • At the foot of each waterfall floor is a large lake, with jade-blue water,Visitors can also choose a bamboo raft to experience, feel the lightness, floating on the blue water.
  • You can set up a camp or hold a BBQ party in the spacious open spaces around the waterfall.
  • Be very careful when swimming there ,swimming at a waterfall is completely different from a swimming pool, whirlpools, or strong currents are all things you cannot anticipate. There is no rescue here.
  • On the way to Chieng Khoa Waterfall, you will meet green tea hills that are a specialty of Moc Chau in particular, and Son La in general.
  • Next to the waterfall, there are vacant land, spacious enough for you to set up a camp or have a BBQ-Maintaining general hygiene and protecting natural beauty is a common task, not just for anyone.

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