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Chocolate Hills

The Chocolate Hills are an unusual geological formation and one of the most important sights on the Philippine island of Bohol.

The formation includes 1268 almost perfectly hemispherical or conical shaped hills of roughly the same height and dimensions, which are spread over an area of ​​more than 50 km². They are all just covered with green grass, which turns brown during the dry season and gives the hills their name.
the hills are on the list of the most important tourist destinations in the Philippines, they are declared the third most important geological monument in the country and are proposed for inclusion in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Access : Coordinates: 9.916667, 124.166667 / The Chocolate Hills, are a landform in Bohol, Philippines,

Highlights :

  • As Bohol’s most famous tourist attraction, the Chocolate Hills are featured on both the flag and seal of the island province and generally represent the natural attractions that Bohol has to offer.
  • The National Committee for Geology declared the Chocolate Hills of Bohol on June 18, 1988 a National Geological Monument, recognizing the special characteristics, the scientific importance, the uniqueness and the high scientific value of the landscape formation.
  • Legends : 1 :   Arogo, a young and vigorous giant, once fell in love with Aloya, an ordinary mortal and daughter of a native chief. When she died his heart broke and Arogo wept bitterly. His tears turned to hills, which, as the Chocolate Hills that can be seen today, still bear witness to his deep sorrow. / 2 : The Legend speaks of a giant named Dano who ate everything he encountered on his way. One day he came to a plane. Here he saw a beautiful young woman named Eng. In order to get her attention, he decided to lose weight and so he eliminated everything he ate. Eventually, his excretions covered the entire country, and in the end he managed to get the attention of his adored ones. /3 : Third legend is about the fight between two giants who pelted each other with stones and sand for days before they became friends and left the island, tired and exhausted. The battlefield they left untidy can now be admired as the area of ​​the Chocolate Hills. / 4 : A village that was plagued by a huge carabao that ate all the plants in the fields of this village. Finally, when he had enough, the villagers gathered up all of their tainted food and placed it in the way of the carabao so that he couldn’t miss it. After he ate this food too, his stomach could not process the bad food, so he excreted one pile after the other on his way until his stomach was empty again. The excretions dried and formed today’s Chocolate Hills.
  • Two of the 1268 hills were converted into a tourist resort. The first is located in the municipality of Carmen and belongs to the Barangay Buenos Aires just a few minutes from the village center.
  • The Chocolate Hills Complex has a restaurant, a hostel with a swimming pool and a viewing platform that allows a view of the surrounding area covered with hills at a height of 210 m.

Go next : The observation station in Carmen, about 55 km from Tagbilaran City and about 5 km from the center of Carmen.

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