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Citadelle de Corte

The Corte Citadel (nicknamed the Eagle’s Nest) is a 18th-century citadel built around a 18th-century castle. Located above the confluence of the Tavignano and the Restonica, the castle is defended by a sloping wall, reinforced by three towers.

Built in 1419 under the command of Vincentello de Istria, Viceroy of Corsica, vassal of the King of Aragon Alfonso V, who has been leading the resistance against the Republic of Genoa for several years. He settled in Corte the seat of his government and maintained his power on the island until 1434, when it was delivered to the Genoese and beheaded.

The citadel has been classified as a historical monument since August 10, 1977.In 1984 the site was open to the public. It offers exceptional panoramic views of the Restonica and Tavignano valleys. The castle compex inside the citadel welcomes:The Regional Contemporary Art Fund of Corsica, The Museum of Corsica.

Access : Coordinates: 42.306702, 9.148130 / You can walk from the center of Corte taking a walk of steep climb of about 15 minutes.

Highlights :

  • The Museum of Corsica (Museum of Art and History and Regional Museum of Anthropology of Corsica).
  • The Regional Contemporary Art Fund of Corsica (FRACORSE)
  • The Center for Scientific and Technical Culture of Corsica (CCSTI)
  • The tourist center of Corsica.

Opening periods : June 22-September 20 : tlj; April 1-June 21 and September 21-Oct 31 :  Mon.  rest of the year:  Mon.-Mon. – closed . holidays, December 24 and 31

Entrance fees 5,30 € : The lower part of the citadel is available to the public without restrictions ,to visit the upper you need to buy a ticket to the Corsica Museum.

Activities : Enjoy the wonderful views / sightseeing / photo opportunities / trekking, walk along the river Tavignano /

Go next : Corte, Haute-Corse / Restonica Valley , The Restonica Valley is in Upper Corsica.

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