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Robin Mercuri [CC BY-SA 4.0 (]

Cosenza also called city of the “bruzi”, is one of the oldest cities of Calabria and rises on seven hills in the Crati valley , the city is capital of the homonymous province, in the Calabria – Calabria is a region in Southern Italy.
Once known as the Athens of Italy thanks to its cultural past, it now houses the largest university campus in Italy.The old city is characterized by its steep, narrow and winding streets which retains the typical characteristics of medieval cities. The historical center is one of the most beautiful and oldest in Italy: the monumental buildings, the palaces, the urban design and the labyrinth of streets around the old buildings and churches creates a unique atmosphere
City It is located at the confluence of the Cratis and Busento rivers, in the place It is also the place where treasure hunters go to search for the tomb of Visigoth Alaric I, who died in Cosenza in 410 AD.

The Cosenza  , like the rest of Calabria, has the marks of historical evolutions since prehistoric times.  there are still Neolithic sites that bear witness to human presence. The waterways have been a valuable connection since the time of Magna Grecia and in Roman times. In the Middle Ages it was a land of Byzantine conquest, which brought benefits to the economy of the territory with the introduction of agricultural techniques and sericulture production.Today  the city remains a cultural hub, with museums, theatres, libraries, and the University of Calabria.

Access : Coordinates: 39.3, 16.25 / By train: The railway stations of Cosenza and Castiglione Cosentino (the nearest railway station to the university campus) are well connected to the main railway station of Paola (18 min.), Which, in turn, is connected to Rome and Milan by intercity and Eurostar trains . Some intercity trains also connect Rome to Cosenza and Castiglione Cosentino directly, without the need to change in Paola.

/ By car: Take the A3 Salerno – Reggio Calabria motorway to the Cosenza exit. Follow the signs for the city center./ By plane: Lamezia Terme International Airport is 70 km from the city. / By bus : There are daily connections, from Monday to Saturday, from Rome (Tiburtina Station) to Cosenza (Bus Station), made by private companies.

Get around :
The red-colored city buses connect the various districts of the center with the peripheral ones and generally circulate every day of the week from 6 am to 11 pm.

Highlights :

  •  The Norman-Swabian Castle , Via del Castello, Cosenza, The Norman-Swabian Castle of Cosenza represents the main monument of the city of Bruzi, which has seen it rise for centuries on one of the highest points of the city: the Pancrazio hill at 383 meters above sea level.Enjoy the Views from the Castle.
  •  Museo all’aperto Bilotti – Bilotti open-air museum , Corso Giuseppe Mazzini, 87100 Cosenza, , The Bilotti Open-Air Museum is a project linked to the works of art donated by Carlo Bilotti to the municipality of Cosenza.
  •  Centro Storico -Old town , Corso Bernardino Telesio, 87100 Cosenza, not fancy but a real town where people live and work at narrow and charming alleys,explore Corso Mazzini in Cosenza, a pedestrian-only shopping area, with almost every type of store.
  •  Cosenza Cathedral , Piazza Duomo 1, 87100 Cosenza, the landmarks of Cosenza , An earthquake destroyed the cathedral on the 9th of June 1184, and its rebuilding was completed by 1222 when the cathedral was consecrated by Emperor Frederick II. At some point during the first half of the 18th century the church was covered by a baroque superstructure which obliterated the original structure and its works of art. In the first half of the 19th century the facade was transformed into neo-gothic style, which completely changed its character.
  •  Galleria Nazionale – Palazzo Arnone , National Gallery, Via Gian Vincenzo Gravina , Palazzo Arnone, 87100 Cosenza, Open : 10:00 am – 6:00 pm , collection of neapolitan paintings. Many local artists: Mattia Preti (pupil of Caravaggio), Luca Giordano, Pietro Negroni, Sebastiano Conca and the Carime’s Collection as well as a contemporary art section. Free entrance.
  •  Church of San Domenico , Via Sertorio Quattromani, 87100 Cosenza, between the old city and the new city , The very particular Gothic rose window in the facade is striking; the gothic interiors, but “reworked” in the 18th century always enchant every visitor. Romantic view on the left bank of the Busento.
  •  Museo Interattivo Di Archeologia Informatica , Via Vittorio Accattatis 4, 87100 Cosenza, , The Interactive Museum of Informatics of Archeology (MIAI) is a permanent exhibition of historical calculators, structured in sections that describe the evolution of the computer through the decades.
  •  Villa Rendano , Via Triglio 21, 87100 Cosenza, museum with a panoramic view from the top of the building , a series of rooms to learn of the city’s history.
  •  Museo dei Brettii e degli Enotri , Salita Sant’Agostino, 87100 Cosenza, Open : 9:00 am – 1:00 pm, 4:30 pm – 7:30 pm , Informative archaeological museum , learnt a lot and an introduction to Calabrian early life.
  •  Villa Vecchia , Piazza 15 Marzo, 87100 Cosenza, park with shade and benches ,best idea for a stroll at summer days.
  • Museo Multimediale Citta di Cosenza – Multimedia Museum , Piazza Bilotti, 87100 Cosenza, preserve works of art not screens and projections.
  • Chiesa e Convento di San Francesco di Paola – Church of San Francesco di Paola , Corso Plebiscito, 87100 Cosenza,built at the sixteenth century, seventeenth-century bell tower with a square tower and cusp , The architectural structure is grandiose even though the interiors are rather bare and unadorned. Next to it is a very beautiful and colorful Greek Rite church.
  • Museo Diocesano di Cosenza , Piazza Giano Aulo Parrasio 16 | Ingresso Libero, 87100 Cosenza, Open : 9:00 am – 12:00 pm , Collection of local art from the area’s churches,paintings of saints,crosses and rings, as well as ornate silver filigree book covers.
  • Chiesa di San Francesco D’Assisi – Church of San Francesco D’Assisi , Via Grotte San Francesco D’Assisi, 87100 Cosenza, The church of S. Francesco d’Assisi, in P.zza Marco Berardi in front of the birthplace of Bernardino Telesio , The small square in front offers glimpses of wonderful medieval architecture!
  • Palazzo del Governo – governament Palace , Piazza XV Marzo, 5, 87100 Cosenza, Baroque-style building that rises in the main square above the city.
  • National Library of Cosenza , Piazza Antonio Toscano, 87100 Cosenza, / Public Library of Cosenza , Piazza Quindici Marzo 7, 87100 Cosenza, Open : 9:00 am – 1:30 pm
  • Museo Storico all’Aperto – Historical Outdoor Museum , Via Padolisi, 87100 Cosenza, A series of 25 paintings of events in the history of Cosenza.
  • Santa Teresa del Bambin Gesu , Piazza Santa Teresa, 87100 Cosenza, Meeting between modern and ancient, beautiful mosaics and windows.
  • BoCs Art Museum , Piazza Tommaso Campanella | Complesso Monumentale di San Domenico, Cosenza, modern art museum , this museum contains the works of artists from all over the world realized in Bocs art.
  • Ara dei Fratelli Bandiera , monument about The heroic but improvised feat of the brothers Attilio and Emilio Bandiera, two brilliant officers of the Austrian Navy with 19 followers to stir up an anti-Bourbon revolt.the Garibaldians planned erection of a mausoleum in honor of the Bandiera brothers.
  • Fontana del Balilla – fountain of the Balilla , Piazza Francesco Crispi, Cosenza, better known as “Monumento al Balilla”.
  • Museo Del Fumetto , Salita Liceo N. 1, 87100 Cosenza, Italian and international authors as well as interesting themed reviews and the inevitable market for super fans. Culture also comes from the comic.
  • MAM – Museo delle Arti e dei Mestieri MAM – Museum of Arts and Crafts , Corso Bernardino Telesio 17, 87100 Cosenza, entry free and open all day , Reference point for local artisans as an expression of the continuity of ancient crafts, whose works are on the border , permanent exhibition site.
  • Complesso Monastico delle Cappuccinelle – Monastic Complex ,Via Motta | Trav. Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 87100 Cosenza, a monumental complex houses a nursery school, the small church and in the crypt you can admire the stone remains of the ancient church of S. Pancrazio, destroyed by the earthquake of 1184. Open every day from 9 to 12.
  • Teatro di Tradizione Alfonso Rendano , the Alfonso Rendano Municipal Theater , Piazza XV Marzo , story begins on November 20, 1909 The chronicles of the time refer to pomp and elegance, and even some groans of disapproval, but in fact – with Giuseppe Verdi’s Aida – the life of the city opera house begins.
  • Consentia Itinera , Via Triglio, 21, 87100 Cosenza , Multimedia itineraries in the history of the city of Cosenza , From Monday to Friday: 9-13 (first tour 9.15am, last tour 12.15am); 16-19.15 (first tour 4.15pm, last tour 6.30pm)-Saturday: 10-13 (first tour at 10.15, last tour at 12.15); 16.30-19.30 (first tour at 4.45 pm, last tour at 6.45 pm)- tickets : full (5 euros), reduced (3 euros) and tribute.

Activities : trekking excursions / horseback riding / Explore the Old Town / Enjoy the amazing Views from the Norman Castle / The National gallery of cosenza was a perfect location for art lovers /
War Games Arena ,Paintball Park /  Scenic Driving- Auto Touring / photo opportunities

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