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The Dray Nur Waterfall

The Dray Nur Waterfall – is located in the Central Highlands, about 25 kilometers Buon Ma Thuot ( Dak Lak province – Vietnam ).

You find here only Vietnamese visitors on weekends. The water falls over a 250 meter length of about 30 meters down. It is the most beautiful and largest of the three waterfalls in the Serepok river (tributary of the Mekong).

From afar the Dray Nur offers a spectacular panorama. The waterfall is known for its clarity and its incredible legend. Dray Nur means in the local language “Female Waterfall”.

The Dray Nur waterfall ensures that at bottom of the falls three lakes arise. In the first lake you can swim because the water is shallow. The second more you have to be careful because the rocks are very sharp. In the third lake, the water is quite deep, between 8 and 10 meters. From this lake you can walk to a cave on the rocky shore.
. It is also possible to walk on forest trails and mentally sinking in ancient trees, whose roots grasp rocks, or admire bats, which fly out at sunset.
In the villages near the waterfall you can see the daily activities of people such as rice milling, or brocade weaving and making hunting tools. You can also drink local rice wine and taste local specialties and hear the stories of the Central Highlands and Dray Nur waterfall.

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