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Green Gables ,Prince Edward Island

Green Gables is the name of a 19th century farm in Cavendish, Prince Edward Island, and is one of Canada’s best-known literary landmarks.
The farm was owned by the MacNeill family, cousins of the author Lucy Maud Montgomery’s grandfather.  The name comes from the dark green color of the gables of the house. Montgomery visited the house as a girl and was inspired by the house, as well as by its surroundings, including “Haunted Woods”, “Lovers Lane” and “Balsam Hollow.”
Montgomery visited the farm as a young girl and set her best-selling collection of books there. He drew romantic inspiration from the house, as well as the surrounding area, including “the haunted woods”, “Lovers’ Lane” and “Balsam Hollow”. Upon Montgomery’s death, her vigil was held in the Green Gables farm living room for several days before her funeral, which took place at the local Presbyterian church, later buried in the nearby Cavendish community cemetery.
The site is now known as the Green Gables Heritage Site. The farm was recognized as a Federal Heritage Building in 1985 by the Federal Heritage Buildings Review Office and listed as a Historic Place by the Prince Edward Island Department of Tourism and Culture. It was included in the Cavendish-de-L.-M.-Montgomery National Historic Site, designated in 2004 by the Historic Sites and Monuments Board of Canada. The site is located in Prince Edward Island National Park and is administered by Parks Canada.
Because of its importance for Canadian literary history, the main location of Lucy Maud Montgomery’s novel Anne on Green Gables, it became an international tourist attraction.

Access : Coordinates: 46.487778, -63.382056 / Location : 8619 Cavendish Road, Cavendish, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Highlights :

  • Anne of Green Gables is the first and best-known novel by Canadian writer Lucy Maud Montgomery. It saw the light of day in 1908 and by the middle of the 20th century became one of the most popular works of English-language children’s literature.Montgomery was allegedly inspired by a newspaper article about the case of a Canadian couple who, when requesting the adoption of an orphan boy, received a girl instead. Regarding the House of Green Gables, the writer wanted to pay tribute to the house where her cousins ​​lived, located on Prince Edward Island.
  • The house was designated a National Historic Area in 1985 and the complex is located within the Prince Edward Island National Park.
  •  The farmland surrounding the Green Gables home was developed into a golf course, designed by world-renowned architect Stanley Thompson.
  •  The exterior of the farmhouse has not changed significantly over time, its interior décor and artifacts depicting the late Victorian period of Prince Edward Island. It is possible to take guided and guided tours of the house and its surroundings. Several rooms in the house were named according to the story of red-haired Anna.
  •  Trails : Lovers’ Lane is one of several trails situated on the property that surrounds Green Gables.
  •  “Anne’s Room,” is one of several rooms in farmhouse made to resemble the setting in Montgomery’s novels.
  •  Cavendysh is a typical tourist resort with the Green Gables Museum, restaurants and beaches.The Green Gables House Museum welcomes thousands of visitors from all over the world every year.

opening hours : Site open daily from 9 am to 5 pm until September 30. Open October 1 to November 30 by appointment only.

Entrance fees: Adult $ 7.90 , Senior $ 6.60 , Senior $ 6.60 , Commercial Group, per person $ 6.60 , Custom Programs, per group ,Per Hour of Program Development and Program Delivery $ 49.00.

Activities : Guided tours are arranged inside and in the surroundings around the house. Golf , The island is a golfer’s paradise in summer.

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