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Gullholmen is an island and a small town in Gullholmen parish in Orust municipality , in the Bohuslän landscape and the Västra Götalands län county in Sweden.

The place is one of Sweden’s oldest fishing towns dating from the 13th century.The development of the town lies partly on the small island of Gullholmen and partly on the island of Härmanö.
The island of Gullholmen is only 7 hectares in size and is completely occupied by very dense buildings, of which only 10% are permanently inhabited. Härmanö covers 138 hectares, but only a small part of its northern part, Lilla Härmanö, is included in the built-up area. About 1/3 of Härmanö’s houses are inhabited all year round.
A visit to Gullholmen offers one of Bohuslän’s most picturesque communities with alleys, fishing cottages and boathouses and unique buildings. Boating, swimming and nature.

Access : Coordinates:58.183333, 11.4 / The Gullholmen is located in the province of Västra Götalands län, in the southwestern part of the country, 400 km west of Stockholm the country’s capital. / The Gullholmen is serviced by a ferry to the mainland,You can get here easily in 10 minutes from Tuvesvik.

Highlights :

  • Gullholmen, Sweden’s most densely populated island and one of Bohuslän’s oldest fishing communities.
  • On Gullholmen there is still a fully functioning cinema that shows newly produced films,a café and two restaurants.
  • A well-preserved stone cottage from the 19th century, a museum called Skepparhuset, as well as a library and a bird museum./ Gullholmen’s beautiful church, from the end of the 18th century.
  • The film Wonderful Loved from 2006 with Michael Nyqvist was shot on Gullholmen.

Go next : The island of Härmanö. with its heather moors, flowering meadows and pastures. / Tuvesvik is the place where the ferry  to Gullholmen, Härmanö and Käringön departs.

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