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Hahoe Folk Village

Hahoe is a historic village in Gyeongsangbuk-do Province on the south coast of South Korea.The name Hahoe “Village Enveloped by Water”. The village was founded at the end of the Goryeo period  (918-1392) in the 13th century by Ryu Jong-hye  at the Nakdonggang.  During the Joseon era, many famous politicians and scholars came from the village and from the 16th century the village was known as the origin of the aristocratic clan, which had great influence in the southeastern region of the country
The village  sits on the banks of the Hwachon River, a tributary of the Nakdong. It is organized according to pungsu geomantic principles and therefore has the shape of a lotus flower.
Traditional arts and games are held here, including Hahoe Byeolsin-gut Talnori and Seonyujul Bulnori. Hahoe Byeolsin-gut Talnori is a mask ballet dating from the Goryeo Dynasty (918-1392) which is a cultural heritage.
Unesco declared it, together with Yangdong, a World Heritage Site in 2010.-UNESCO World Heritage / Important Folklore Materials No.122

Access : Coordinates: 36.539167, 128.516667 / From Andong Bus Terminal, take Bus No. 46 to Hahoe Village. / You can freephone the Korean tourist info number on 1330 and ask about transport options in English.

Attractions :
– folk Village, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a very nice traditional village to walk around and know how life was lived and lived in many of the 600 year old houses. Some of them rent “hanok” rooms.
– museum of masks , At the entrance of the village there is an interesting museum of masks displaying Korean and international masks./ the impressive Byeongsanseowon Confucian Academy , just follow the forest trail behind the church to get there.
– The impressive Buyongdae Cliff ,

Admission Fees : Adults 5,000 won / Teenagers 2,500 won / Children 1,500 won * Adults (ages 18-65)

Facilities :Free parking lots Available , souvenir shops / hanok stays available in the village

Operating Hours : April-September 09:00-18:00 , October-March 09:00-17:00

Activities : photo opportunities / Scenic Driving- Auto Touring / experience traditional rural life / Ceremonial experiences / Guided group tours / hiking options

Events : every autumn the Andong Mask Dance Festival is held in Hahoe historic village

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