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Hollviken is a locality situated in Vellinge Municipality, Skane County, Sweden

with 10,607 inhabitants in 2010. It is located close to both Malmo and the Oresund Bridge which connects Sweden and Denmark. The town is a popular summer vacation spot for northern Europeans, who are attracted to its sand beaches and the historical sites which date back to the time of the Vikings. The peninsula on which the town is situated is unique because it is surrounded by two different seas: Oresund and The Baltic Sea. Prior to the 1960s, the peninsula remained mainly populated by wealthy businessmen from the Malmo region during the summers. Recently, however, it has begun to grow as a commuter town.

The city name :  The name is taken from the bay northwest of the town, named Hollviken. The town received the name “Hollviksnas” in 1944, in order to avoid confusion with Horvik. However, this never gained popularity, which meant that the name’s name plates were changed back to the orally used “Hollviken” again in the late 1990’s

Access : Coordinates: 55.416667, 12.95 / With three bus stops, Hollviken has connections to Malmo via lines 100 and 300. Bus line 181 goes to Trelleborg via Skegrie and in the other direction towards Vellinge. Furthermore, there is a local ring bus line 152, stretching Hollviken Centrum-Ostersjovagen (Gya) -Kampinge-Stenbock road (with the Sandplan and Granvik district) -Falsterbovagen-Hollviken Centrum.

  • Highlights :
  • Foteviken Museum : The Foteviken Museum (Swedish: Fotevikens Museum) is an archaeological open-air museum on the Hollviken peninsula in southern Skane, Sweden. It contains a reconstruction of a large Viking Age settlement and a “viking reservation”, and visitors participate in living history reenactments; it also performs research and functions as the municipal museum of Vellinge Municipality and part of Fotevikens
  • Kulturcenter, a group of cultural facilities on the peninsula.
    Museivagen 27, Hollviken 236 91, Sweden / Collins Sten : Ostersjovagen, Hollviken 236 37, Sweden
  • Skanors Havsbad : Bathing beach in Skanor , Hamnvagen, Skanor 239 21, Sweden
  • Barnstensmuseet i Kampinge, Hollviken . 4 Soedra Mariavaegen | Vid utfarten mot Trelleborg, Hollviken 236 35, Sweden
  • Kampingestranden : Beache in Hollviken 236 38, Sweden
  • Sculptures on the north coast of Hollviken.
  • Beaches : Kampingestranden , Hollviken 236 38 / Kampingebryggan , Hans Levins vag, Hollviken 236 35 / Skanors havsbad , Hamnvagen, Skanor 239 21

Activities :

Kamping vattensportklubb , Klockarevagen, Hollviken 236 35, Sweden / Ksurf : Surf lessons and rentals · Windsurf lessons and rentals · Kitesurf lessons and rentals · Stand Up Paddle lessons and rentals · Stand Up Paddle Yoga and Fitness · Children and youth activities · Family activities
Golfklubb / Spa

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