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The Hornelen is a mountain in the municipality of Bremanger in the Norwegian province of Vestland.The mountain sits on the eastern end of the island of Bremangerlandet, along the Froysjoen strait, in the Nordfjord region of Norway.

The Hornelen is particularly steep in the east. The upper part has almost vertical walls. Similarly, steep and high mountains along the coast are Kjerag and Stetinden.
At 860 meters, Hornelen is the highest sea cliff in Europe and has long been used as an orientation point for shipping.
In older times they were often called the mountain Smalsarhorn. Many legends are associated with this mountain and according to some of them it is a gathering place for witches both the June evening and Christmas Eve.

Hornelen is a central landmark in the outer Nordfjord, and Every year around 2000 people travel to Hornelen in Bremanger, a mountain that is counted to be the highest sea cliff in Europe.

The central landmark in Nordfjord allows the hikers to flock to reach the top, but there are very few as well to use their hand to get up.

Access : Coordinates:61.8557, 5.2468 / Bremangerlandet lies just south of the mouth of Nordfjord / There is a bridge connection to Froya in the southwest and a connection via Rugsundoy to Rugsund on the mainland. Bremanger connection on rv. 616 provides ferry-free connection from Kolset on the mainland to Klubben on Bremangerlandet.
/ By car :
Bergen is 135 km from the area. From Alesund 126 kilometers and from Oslo 580 kilometers. / By bus :
There are daily bus departures from Oslo, Bergen, Alesund and Trondheim to Floro. / By plane :  Wideroe regularly flies from Bergen and Oslo to Forde Airport Bringeland.

Highlights :

  •  Hornelen has two tops. The main summit (860m) has a shelter on top. The north top (approx. 855m) is found 140m northeast of the summit.
  •  From Berleneset there is approximately 4 hours of hiking to the summit, where the stone hut Olavsbu offers the wandering shelter and rest.
  •  The hike is steep in certain places and takes 8-10 hours to complete, making it a challenging but rewarding day trip for experienced hikers. At the top you have panoramic views of narrow fjords, majestic mountains and small islands far out in the sea.
  • At 860 meters, Hornelen is the highest sea  cliff in Europe and has long been used as an orientation point for shipping

Activities : Enjoy fantastic views all along the way to the top. / photo opportunities / trekking, From Berleneset it is about 4 hours walking to the summit. /
/ Guided day hike Hornelen sea cliff

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