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Koktebel is a legendary Crimean resort, an urban-type settlement in the southeastern part of the peninsula, which includes the urban district of Feodosia.

At the end of the 19th century, the landowner Eduard Junge and the artist (poet) Maximilian Voloshin laid the foundations for traveling to Koktebel
In Soviet times, Koktebel – then Planerskoye – was known as a vacation spot for writers, but was also famous for its Ukrainian “cognac”, its naturist beach, the largest in the USSR, and hang-gliding.

Today The legendary Koktebel is a center of attraction for  outdoor enthusiasts and ordinary tourists with centuries-old traditions of hospitality. The unique comfort and aura of this area have sunk into the souls of many, and Koktebel, without a doubt, is one of the most magnetic places in Crimea.

Access : Coordinates:44.96, 35.240556 / Koktebel is located 110 km from the Crimean bridge, the journey by car takes about 1.5 hours along the new highway. By plane, you can fly to Simferopol, from where you can get to Koktebel by bus or taxi.
/ By plane : The closest airport is Simferopol Airport / By car :
The city is located on the Black Sea, on the route: Yalta – Feodosia.

Highlights :

  •  The main attraction of the Koktebel area is the extinct volcano Kara-Dag, which rises to the right of the village.
  •  The resort is famous for its beaches. Koktebel Bay of the Black Sea is almost 5 km of uninterrupted pebble and sandy beach strip with clean water, convenient and safe entrance to the sea, there is a real expanse for families with children.
  •  There are unique opportunities for outdoor activities. Koktebel is the main center of gliding in the Crimea, hang-gliding and paragliding flights are organized on Mount Klementyeva near the village.
  •  The Soviet name, Planerskoye in Russian, comes from glider. The hills which dominate the coast indeed received the first tests of heavier-than-air vehicles piloted by Russian aviation pioneers. The local airfield is still called Planerskoye.A museum on the edge of the runway in Planerskoje shows the development of Soviet gliding in small models from that time.
  •  Koktebel is famous for its vineyards, planted on the slopes of the Otouzka river, and favored by the climate and limestone soil. Archaeological excavations have shown that the cultivation of the vine was already practiced in the 7th century production really restarted around 1950. The vines again today cover 1,200 ha, and produce great wines, “cognac” type eaux-de-vie and maderized wines (“Madera Koktebel”). There is also an on-site wine cellar which stores 500,000 bottles
  •  Rock “Golden Gate” : This arch-shaped rock got its name from the fact that at a certain angle of incidence of the sun’s rays, it really seems golden.
  •  House-Museum of Maximilian Voloshin, st. Marine 43 / Dolphinarium “Koktebel”, st. Morskaya, 77 / Aquapark “Koktebel”, Lenin st., 144-B

events : The largest festival of contemporary ethnic and jazz music in Ukraine “Jazz Koktebel” is held annually in September.

Activities : sightseeing / photo opportunities / windsurfing, kayaking, diving, hiking, horseback riding and cycling / Sea excursions to the Golden Gate rock
/ Skydiving / Tourist flights (riding) on balloons

Go next : Karadag reserve – adjacent to the village from the south and includes the entire Kara-Dag mountain. / Feodosiya : a beautiful, quaint little resort town on the Black Sea coast in Crimea.

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