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Königstein, Saxony

Konigstein (Saxon Switzerland) is a city in southeastern Saxony on the Elbe.( Germany)   district of Saxon Switzerland-Ore Mountains is the seat of the administrative community Konigstein Saxon.

On the hill of the same name lies the fortress Konigstein. About : Konigstein lies at the mouth of the Biela in the Elbe. The city was first mentioned in 1379 as a market town at the foot of the built at the beginning of the 13th century castle on the “stone”. There are the following districts: Ebenheit on the opposite side of the Elbe , Halbestadt,
Hutten im Bielatal below the fortress Konigstein , Leupoldishain lies on the so-called Struppener flatness about 3 km west of Koenigstein , Pfaffendorf is located below the Pfaffenstein

Access : Coordinates: 50.918889, 14.071389 / By boat : From Dresden / Terrassenufer take the ships of the Saxon Steamship Company. By bicycle : About the well-developed Elbe Cycle Route from Dresden or the Czech Republic. / By plane : The nearest airport is Dresden Airport. By train : Long-distance trains go to Dresden Hbf or Dresden-Neustadt, then continue with the S-Bahn S1 to Konigstein. From the Czech Republic one can change in Bad Schandau. By bus : / By car : At Dresden on the A 17 to exit Pirna – from there the B 172 direction Bad Schandau to Konigstein.

Highlights :

  • Konigstein fortress is one of the largest mountain fortresses in Europe. The plateau rises 240 meters above the Elbe. On it are over 50 buildings up to 400 years old. The fortress wall is 1.8 kilometers long and has up to 42 meters high walls and sandstone walls. In the fortress is the 152 meters the second deepest well in Europe.
  • bible plant garden , adapted for the disabled and suitable for children- an oasis for the senses and place to stay at the beginning of the footpath to the fortress , Pirnaer Strasse,  Open : 12:00 AM – 11:59 PM /   City Church
  • Upper Lusatian houses-Umgebindehaus / Saxon milepost from 1727 on the corner of Bieletalstrasse  / Lilienstein – This 415 meter high Table Mountain has been mentioned by name since 1379. Archaeological finds around this mountain date back to the late Bronze Age around 800 BC. back.  Sandstone path up to the whisk  (on the rock at the top of the path) / Upper Lusatian house : from 1587 One of the oldest Upper Lusatian house in Saxony, at Pfaffenberg 15 Kulturdenkmalhaus.

Activities : walk up the old castle paths or take an elevator to the top / Trek up to the castle or take a toy train and bus for 4EUR / Tour the fortress / Sightseeing , bicycle , cruise on the Elbe river , trekking , Hiking & Camping , Bus & Minivan Tours ,Day Trips.

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