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Kullaberg is a nature reserve in Hoganas municipality in southern Sweden.

Understand : Kullaberg is a nature reserve in the Kullabygden region in Scania. It is known for its climbing possibilities – one of the few places to climb in Scania, nice hiking, and a golf course. It’s also home to a controversial series of giant driftwood sculptures, and their related micro-nation, Ladonia. History :  Stone Age inhabitants were in southern Sweden at least as early as 7000 BC, from archaeological evidence on the mainland as well as the large island of Oland.

At Kullaberg clear evidence of habitation is found from tool findings, gravefields and stone circles. Later Iron Age peoples are also known to have inhabited the Kullaberg. The first written information about Kullaberg derives from about the year 1740 AD when Swedish naturalist Carl von Linne visited the area and recorded biological notes.

In the early 18th century a private group almost acquired the Kullaberg with the intention of quarrying the rich stone resource. Foresighted early environmentalists intervened for a period of trustee years until a formal trust was created to own and manage the preserve. AB Kullabergs Natur was established in 1913 and acquired a portion of the lands on the peninsula. In 1968, a portion of the site was owned by the Krapperup Estate (owners of nearby Krapperup Castle), and, at that time, the tenant in tail, Gustaf Gyllenstierna, consigned the balance of Kullaberg to the Gyllenstierna Krapperup Foundation.

Access : Coordinates: 56.3, 12.466667 / By car :  Kullaberg is 1½ – 2 hours drive north of Malmo. From Helsingborg it is little less than 1 hour. By bus :  Take the bus to Molle and walk from there. By foot :  From Molle, follow the signs and walk up the hill.

Fees and permits : Entering Kullaberg by car is free.

Get around :  There are three different parking lots where you can park your car. After that the only way to get around is on foot.

Highlights :

  • Nimis and Arx – Gigantic beach art structures built by Lars Vilks with wood found on the shore. Ladonia (Swedish: Ladonien) is a micro-nation, proclaimed in 1996 as the result of a years-long court battle between the artist and the local authorities over the two sculptures. As Nimis’ existence is not sanctioned by the state, it can be a bit difficult to find. There are no official sign posts, nor is it marked on maps. It lies a few kilometres northwest of the town of Arild and somewhat farther from the town of Molle, and can only be reached on foot following a well-worn path with yellow “N”s painted on trees and fences. The path begins as an easy stroll past Himmelstorp, a well-preserved eighteenth-century farmstead that sells teas, ices etc, but quickly becomes a steep and rocky climb down to the coast.
  • Lighthouse – A very picturesque lighthouse is located at the parking lot furthest away.
  • Caves – There are several caves in the nature reserve, the most wellknown are Silvergrottan (Silver cave) and Visitgrottan (Visit cave).
  • Information Center – There is an information center where you can learn more about the history and nature of Kullaberg. The entry is free but it is not impressive.

Activities :  Climbing :  The climbing in Kullaberg is the most well-known in Scania. Read about it here.

Golfing :  There is a golf course. Be careful not to hit the climbers.

Hiking :  Kullaberg has lots of scenic views and is very beautiful to walk around in. There are well-marked trails along the northern and southern shores, with a number of connecting trails across. The trails are fairly easy, although you should keep track of your children as the drops are significant at times. The Blue trail is significantly harder with a lot of ups and downs to hike, although it gives you some very beautiful viewpoints.

Diving :  There are several diving schools in the region which will let you take your diving certificate just off the shore of Kullaberg.
Camping :  Camping is not allowed in the nature reserve. Not far from Molle there is a camping site which also has cabins and huts you can rent.

Activities : sightseeing / photo opportunities / trekking

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