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La Tortuga Island

Turtle Island (Isla La Tortuga in Spanish) is an   paradise with crystal clear waters, located in the southern Caribbean Sea off the coast of Venezuela, La Tortuga Island is part of the Federal Dependencies of Venezuela.

Discovered in 1499 by Alonso de Ojeda. On his second voyage, together with Americo Vespucci, the island was named Isla La Tortuga by the latter, due to the huge presence of turtles on the island.

From 1550 the island was inhabited seasonally by the Dutch who came there to exploit the salt flats in the east of the island. There, they built a fortress to guard the salt and harvesters from the Spaniards, who wanted to get rid of the Dutch. They were finally expelled in 1631, when the Spanish governor of Cumana destroyed their facilities and flooded the salt flats.

La Tortuga Island is made up of mangroves, reefs, islets and keys, among the most visited and suitable for tourist activity are Los Tortuguillos and Cayo Herradura.
The accommodation that the island offers you is through tents (camping tents) or if you go by yacht, sleep inside it.

Access : Coordinates: / It is located in the southeastern Caribbean Sea, 79 km from punta Chiva, in the state of Miranda, 87 km from Margarita Island and 170 km from Caracas.

Highlights :

  •  The legendary pirate island La Tortuga, which inspired writers such as Salgari, Stevenson and Walter Scott, present in works such as The Black Corsair, El pirata and La Isla del Tesoro.
  •  Caldera beach and El Yaque : on these beaches you can enjoy the crystal clear waters, you can walk along the beaches and jump off the dock.
  •  Carenero lagoon : you can enjoy the mangroves and some fish that jump towards the boat (if that happens to them please return it to the sea).
  •  Punta de garambeo beach : Beautiful beach like all, super quiet with an atmosphere of relaxation.
  •  The little turtles : An ideal place to snorkel, it has reefs and corals, you will surely enjoy this activity.
  •  Only one day tours can be done since you will not be able to find any hotel service in the place.
  •  Carambeo : a high place on the island, with cliffs, where you can appreciate it./ stop at Boca Cangrejo where there are many starfish

Note :  They give a three-liter ration of water for bathing. There are no pipes with fresh water.

Activities : sightseeing / photo opportunities / trekking- Walk through La Laguna de Carenero / Camping on Isla La Tortuga / sailing / Snorkel in Los Tortuguillos./ day trips and small family excursions
/ walk to the tip of Cayo Herradura, where the meeting of the seas or Toy of God is located

Go next : Higuerote , the capital city of Brion Municipality, located in the coastal region of Barlovento, in the state of Miranda, Venezuela, approximately an hour and a half from Caracas.

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