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Lake Kel Suu

The Kol-Suu is a mountain alpine  lake in the Tian Shan in the south of the Atbashi district of the Naryn region in Kyrgyzstan. The mountain lake located at the altitude of 3510 m., In the valley of Kurumduk  between high cliff spot marked with numerous caves and grottos   and east of the peak Sary Beles (4726 m.). Certainly, formed after a landslide in the 80s.
The Kol-Suu is located in a massif of the Tian Shan near the Chinese border at an altitude of 3514 m. It extends over a length of about 11.5 km in south-north direction. The water surface is 4.5 km². The Kurumduk, a left tributary of the Kok-K’iya, drains the lake to the north.
Kol Suu is a spectacular glacial lake located in a rocky canyon whose friction sides descend almost straight towards the lake, Hiking, exploring or kayaking in the mountains. Clean, pristine destination, and quiet. Kel-Suu is quickly becoming a must see destination in Kyrgyzstan.
Kol Suu is near the border with China, and you need special permission in the border area in order to pass a checkpoint. 

Access : Coordinates: 40°38?20?N 76°24?20?E / By car ( capable off-road truck or  SUV ) from Naryn is approx. 5 hours drive  ( Naryn is a city in southeastern Kyrgyzstan, high in the Tian Shan Mountains ) / the road from At-Bashi is impassible in winter. ( At-Bashy is a village in the Naryn Region of Kyrgyzstan, about 35km southwest of Naryn on the main highway to the Torugart Pass. ) /
/ Best way to travel there is by Manas International Airport where our driver and guide will meet you and provided a guided tour to Kel-Suu Lake for a few days /

NOTE! Permit papers are required before driving to the region of  As Kol-Suu lake is located in the patrolled border area.
the Chinese Torugart border crossing (you must present a special permit that can be arranged 1 month before your arrival.) Border Zone Permit for accessing destinations nearby the Chinese border.

Sleep : The CBT (Community Based Tourism) Spend a night in a Yurt ,  CBT’s official price list quotes 600 som per person per night for any B&B / CBT Yurt camp –  Yurt with dinner and breakfast – 1000 Som.

Activities : photo opportunities / 4WD Scenic Driving- Auto Touring Central Asia – Adventure / Nature Viewing / spend the night at Yurt Camp / boat trip explore the lake / hike, walk the zigzagging trail / kayak  /  horsetrekking trip / rent Soviet Cars around Kol Suu (Self Drive Tour)  / Enjoy amazing off-road expeditions! with GAZ 66 Truck and Other Comunist Military Legacy /

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