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Landegode Lighthouse

Landegode Lighthouse is located on Eggløysa, the largest of the islets in the cluster just north of the northern tip of Landegode ,  about 18 kilometres  north of the town of Bodø.in Nordland county, Norway.
The lighthouse was built in 1902 to secure the entrance to Bodø from Lofoten.
The lighthouse is located on the Egglesøya archipelago, a little north of the eponymous island of Landegode.
In 1993 the lighthouse was switched to automatic operation and has been unmanned since then. A hotel has been operated in the houses belonging to the lighthouse since 1994.

In 1998, Landegode lighthouse was protected by the National Heritage Board. The protection includes a lighthouse, lighthouse keeper’s residence, dwelling for service, outbuilding, engine house and two boathouses.  Skagen Hotel in Bodø has run Landegode lighthouse as a tourist facility since 1994.

Access : Coordinates: 67.448333, 14.380833 / Landego  lighthouse is located just north of Landegode – out in the sea west of Bodø / shuttle boats comes and goes often from Bodø.

Highlights :

  •  Lighthouse  is a cylindrical cast iron tower 9 meters high, with a gallery and a lantern. The tower is red with two white stripes and the lantern is red.
  •  The lighthouse keeper’s residence contains accommodation and 2 group rooms.The barn functions as a course and party room, a lighthouse keeper’s residence and an assistant’s residence are used for accommodation and two boathouse wellness departments and a bar.
  •  If you are not going to paddle or sail out here, the easiest kayak access is by speedboat from Bodø and a few kilometers of paddling on the east or west side of Landegode. Alternatively shuttle boat straight to the lighthouse.
  •  Mooring system: Landing takes place on the floating pier below the boathouse. Guest boats can also use the fixed mooring that is laid out.

Activities : Food and wine evening at Landegode Lighthouse / photo opportunities / food course-food competition / fishing trip / It is possible to stay overnight in the lighthouse keepers ‘and servants’ quarters.

Go next : Bodø : a town in Bodø Municipality in Nordland county, Norway. It is part of the traditional region of Salten /  village of Kjerringøy.



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