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Lover’s Leap Lighthouse

Lover’s Leap Lighthouse is a lighthouse located in the Parish of Saint Elizabeth ,Cornwall County, ( Saint Elizabeth, one of Jamaica’s largest parishes, is located in the southwest of the island, in the county of Cornwall ) Jamaica.

Lover’s Leap lighthouse is the most recent in Jamaica. It is a 30 m high cylindrical steel tower with a white lantern and an octagonal red gallery. The tower is white with a red central band. It is powered by three different power sources: a generator, mains electricity and a set of batteries.
This lighthouse is included in the list of national heritage sites in Jamaica by the Jamaica National Heritage Trust.It is the tallest lighthouse in the Western Hemisphere located on top of a spectacular vertical cliff about 500 m high. The lighthouse area was developed as a tourist attraction, with a caffe-restaurant and an observation deck.

Access : Coordinates:17.869232, -77.660466 / Location : Lover’s Leap , St Elizabeth ,Jamaica / Located 20 Miles south of Mandeville , From Treasure Beach, about 20-minute drive in the direction of Mandeville.

Highlights :

  •  The Legend : the star-crossed lovers who, rather than being taken from each other by a jealous plantation owner, chose instead to flee together. Legend has it, the lovers ran to the edge of this cliff – with a drop of around 1,700 feet – the moon caught them in a golden net. Hand in hand, they stood in this net, as the moon slowly set under the sea.
  •  Lover’s Leap Lighthouse stands ,1700 feet above sea level, to build a lighthouse — making it the highest lighthouse in the Western Hemisphere.

Open To Public? Grounds only. / amenities : Parking , Toilets , restaurant

Activities : History – Cultural Tours / sightseeing / Architecture Photography / trekking , three mile trail leads down to Cutlass Bay below / enjoy stunning views

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