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San Juan del Sur

San Juan del Sur is a small city and port of Nicaragua located on the Pacific coast in the southern department of Rivas and 140 kilometers away from Managua, the Capital.
The site was discovered by Spanish Andres Nino in 1522 while he was looking for a route to reach Lake Nicaragua.

The port was of great importance in the mid-19th century during the California gold rush. Thousands of Americans left New York and crossed the Central American isthmus by going up the San Juan river and Lake Nicaragua, then taking the railroad leading it to San Juan del Sur where they took the boat for San Francisco.

The quiet fishing village is located in a horseshoe-shaped bay and attracts local and foreign tourists,  mainly surfers, who drive from San Juan del Sur a few kilometers north to Majagual to take advantage of the Pacific waves in the bay there.
The city is relatively small and very few hotels are more than a street or two from the beach. Beaches outside the city can only be reached by boat or taxi. There are many restaurants on the beach promenade that specialize in seafood. There is a small market hall and numerous accommodations, buses go to Rivas and El Ostional.
San Juan del Sur it is known as “The Capital of Fun”, for the diversity of recreation and entertainment options offered to its national and foreign visitors.

Access : Coordinates: 11.25-85.866667 / By bus :
From Managua or Granada you first drive to Rivas and change there to a bus to San Juan del Sur./By plane :  The nearest airport is in Managua / By boat :
Some cruises stop in San Juan del Sur. it is also possible to take a boat from Altagracia (on Ometepe) or San Carlos to Granada and from there by bus via Rivas.

Highlights :

  •  Jesus de la Misericordia – Jesus of Mercy : In 2009, the 15-meter-high statue of Christ Cristo de la Misericordia was built on the hills of the northern part of the bay.At the base of the statue is a viewpoint and a chapel for spiritual recollection where the construction process of the work is shown.
  •  Surfing San Juan del Sur is considered the surfing paradise of Nicaragua. International surfing events take place from time to time in front of the surrounding beaches.(El Remanso, El Coco, Marseille, Majagual, Maderas, Las Salinas, Gigante and El Astillero)
  •  n 2004, San Juan del Sur is mentioned in the song “En la pulperia de Lucita” which is part of the album “The trip to nowhere” by the Aragonese Enrique Bunbury.
  • The light house  viewpoint : The views of the coast and the bay of San Jan de Sur is amazing from this old light house.

Activities :Surfing San Juan del Sur is considered the surfing paradise of Nicaragua / sightseeing / photo opportunities / trekking / Hang out, talk, drink, eat / Rent bicycles and explore the beaches

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