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Lysefjord is a Norwegian fjord in the North Sea, which is located in the Ryfylke district, east of the Stavanger city, in Rogaland County in the southwest of the country.
The The 42 kilometer long  fjord is full of waterfalls, flora and fauna, spectacular geology and natural landscapes. From end to end, it measures 42 km with the rocky walls falling almost vertically over a thousand meters above the water. Due to the inhospitable terrain, the fjord is only slightly populated and has only two villages: Forsand and Lysebotn, located at opposite ends of the fjord.

Highlights :

  • Lysefjord , Walk on the famous rock formations of Preikestolen and Kjerag, and then challenge yourself on the 4444 steps ,
  • of the Florli wooden staircase and other lesser-known attractions. You get 740 meters above sea level in less than two hours.The longest wooden staircase in the world.
  • Preikestolen (The pulpit rock) is among the best known observation points in the world,
    a naturally square 25 x 25 meter plateau with a view of the fjord that is as deep as the height of the mountain at some points.
  • Go further to the Kjerag Plateau with its famous round rock, a giant stone trapped in a crevasse.Kjerag  in the southern part of the fjord, another mountainous plateau that rises 1,100 meters above sea level. If you are lucky, you will hear the sound similar to a shot that emanates from the rock, known as “The Kjerag Shot”, and you will visit the Kjerag Rock, which remains in balance over the cliff.
  • facts : In November 2017, Tom Cruise hung on The Pulpit in one of the scenes of Mission Impossible: Repercussion.French writer Victor Hugo wrote the novel, Toilers of the Sea, in which he admires the scenery of the fjord after a visit here in 1866

highlights from the Lysefjord area :

  • Lysebotn is a village at the end of the Lysefjord.
  • Preikestolen (The pulpit rock) is among the best known observation points in the world.This guided trip will take you on one of Norway’s most popular and spectacular hikes
  •  the Kjerag Plateau with its famous round rock, a giant stone trapped in a crevasse,The five cubic meter glacial deposit is mysteriously suspended between two rocks.The practice of BASE Jumping on this site is legally allowed.
  •  Lysevegen Mountain Road : The 183km ‘Ryfylke’ comes closest, running up the west end of Lysefjord as it winds its way through the south west of the country.Meanwhile, Lysevegen – Fylkesveg 500 (Fv 500), country road 500 – connects to Lysebotn, the town at the other end of the fjord, around 90km due east of Stavanger.
  •  Florli 444 : Consider spending a day climbing the world’s longest wooden staircase. The climb is long and strenuous, but provides great lookout points.

Access : Coordinates: 58.9405, 6.1202 / By car. You can rent it in the city of Stavanger or at the Airport . From Stavanger to the Kjerag, there are 139 km in 2h 20 minutes.

Nearby Attractions – Go next :  Lysebotn is a village at the end of the Lysefjord / The village of Florli / city of Stavanger / Manafossen waterfall / Os (Hordaland) /  Sverd i fjell – Swords in rock  / Leirvik / Sandnes / Kristiansand.

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