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Maroon Bells

The Maroon Bells are a mountain formation in the Elk Mountains, approximately 16 km southwest of Aspen, Colorado – U.S.A.  (  The two mountain peaks (South) Maroon Peak (4,315 m) and North Maroon Peak (4,270 m) are about 500 meters apart. Both peaks are among the so-called Fourteeners, as they are each over 14,000 feet high. However, the lower North Maroon Peak is not listed in all counties as Fourteener, as the peaks are relatively close together.
A sign from the US Forest Service names these mountains “The Deadly Bells” and warns potential climbers against rocks that are “unstable, brittle, and likely to tumble” that can “kill without warning. “. Unlike other Rocky Mountains, which are composed of granite and limestone, the Maroon Bells are made of mudstone, a sedimentary metamorphic rock, derived from mud and clay that has turned into stone over millions of years. The mudstone is fragile and easily fractured, making most routes unsafe due to rocks at the edge of the equilibrium. This type of stone is responsible for this specific burgundy color. The Bells were called “deadly” in 1965, when eight people died in five different accidents.

Access : Coordinates: 39.070849, -106.988992 / Located in the White River National Forest, the Maroon Bells area is 16 kilometers from Aspen./ from Denver (approximately 3 hours and 45 minutes by car), so it can be a nice day trip if you are in the city./ there is a bus that leaves you less than 100 meters from the lake. This allows anyone to visit the place (even people with reduced mobility).Buses leave Aspen Highlands, buy tickets at Four Mountain Sports.
/ Driving: You can reach the lake by car, but only if you arrive before 8 am or after 5 pm. It has a value of $ 10 per vehicle.

Highlights :

  •  The view of the Maroon Bells from the valley of the Maroon Creek is said to be the most photographed place in Colorado.The view in the area is amazing! And there are several paths you can walk, benches to sit on and you find public toilets where the bus leaves you.
  •  Maroon Lake (2,120 meters above sea level) is one of the most memorable landscapes in the Rocky Mountains. It occupies a bowl dug by glaciers during a glaciation, and later closed by a dam formed during landslides and rock falls from the slopes upstream.
  •  trekking , There are 25 difficult trails in Maroon Bells Snowmass Wilderness that range from 4.6 to 60.5 miles and from 7,864 to 14,258 feet above sea level. Start checking them and you’ll be on the road in no time!
  •  Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness – White River : This Wilderness is located in Colorado within the Elk Mountains and spans the White River and Gunnison National Forests. The Wilderness area surrounds the extremely popular Maroon Bells Scenic Area which is a major access point for Wilderness travel.

The best dates to visit the area are during the Summer and Autumn, but keep in mind that it is a fairly busy place./ Tickets are $6 for adults and $4 for children

Activities : mountain bike / sightseeing / photo opportunities / 40 excellent hiking trails, mountain bike routes, jogging routes / The Maroon Bells scenic area features several hiking trails ranging from short hikes near Maroon Lake to longer overnight backpacking trips into the Maroon-Snowmass Wilderness.

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