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Muizenberg is a beach-side suburb of Cape Town, South Africa. It is situated where the shore of the Cape Peninsula curves round to the east on the False Bay coast. It is considered to be the birthplace of surfing in South Africa  and is currently home to a surfing community, centered on the popular ‘Surfer’s Corner’.

Agatha Christie, famous author and playwright, wrote that after nursing duty she would daily take the train to Muizenberg to go surfing.

Activities :  Watching the Whales ,  The whales you are likely to see in False Bay are the right whale, the killer whale, the pilot whale, the false killer whale and Bryde’s whale.
Palmer Road Night Market , A brand new market waiting for you to join in on the fun.
Kitesurfing & Standup Paddling
Stand up paddle (SUP) surfing or boarding is one of the fastest growing water sports in the world. It’s safe, fun, healthy and super easy to learn.

False Bay is the ideal portal to some of the most delightful walking to be found in the Western Cape , Shark Cage Diving , When was the last time you did something for the first time? Golf – With plenty of golf courses around take your pick ,  Super Tubes
Muizenberg’s very own water park with three fun and exciting slides right next to the muizenberg beach

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