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Plaza Mayor, Lima

Plaza de Armas of Lima or Plaza Mayor is a square in the Peruvian capital of Lima.The starting point for all tourists is the Plaza de Armas, or Plaza Mayor, the central square of Lima.this main square was completely renovated and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Plaza de Armas it was not only the “heart” of the 16th century settlement founded by Francisco Pizarro. It was the center of the Spanish colonial empire on the South American continent. Although not a single original building has survived to this day, an impressive bronze fountain, built in 1650, remains in the center of the square.
Surrounding the square are the Presidential Palace (also known as Casa Pizarro), the Cathedral, the Archbishop’s Palace, the Town Hall and the Union Palace. Some of these buildings are colored yellow and have typical colonial wooden bay windows.
Plaza de Armas in Lima One of the most cozy and attractive places in the capital of Peru.the historic center of Lima, and with it this square, was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Access : Coordinates: -12.045833, -77.030556 / Plaza de Armas de Lima, the foundation of the city of Lima, capital of Peru, is the main public space in the city. Located in the historic center of Lima / You can get to the square from anywhere in the city by taxi or by metro to the Plaza de Armas station.

Highlights :

  • On the east side of the square stands the Archbishop’s Palace (Palacio Arzobispal), built in 1924 in a colonial style.
  • The Palace of Government (Palacio de Gobierno) stretches for an entire block, a huge baroque building from 1937 that serves as the residence of the President of Peru. There are free guided tours of the palace, which must be booked in advance.
  • The guard : Another attraction of the Plaza de Armas is the changing of the guard at the Government Palace. Every day at 12:00 a solemn changing of the guard takes place around it. A ceremonial event during which the guardsmen move at a “goose step” and the military band plays “El Condor Pasa” to the rhythm of a military march.
  • In the center of the square is a beautiful 17th century bronze fountain./ There is a small museum of religious art adjacent to the cathedral.

Activities : sightseeing / photo opportunities / Fans of architecture canĀ  stroll around the square, admiring the unique carved balconies that are a distinctive feature of many ancient buildings in Lima.

Go next : The main pedestrian street, Giron de la Unio, is adjacent to the square, with many shops and restaurants.



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