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Praslin is the second largest island in Seychelles (38 km²). It is located 44 km northeast of Mahe. Its population is around 6,500 people and it has two administrative districts (Baie Sainte Anne and Grand ‘Anse (Praslin) .The main settlements are Baie Sainte Anne, Anse Volbert and Grand Anse.
It was called “Isle de Palmes” by the explorer Lazare Picault in 1744. For a time it was used as a hiding place by pirates and Arab merchants. In 1768 it was renamed Praslin in honor of the French diplomat Cesar Gabriel de Choiseul, Duke of Praslin.
Praslin is known as a tourist destination, with many beaches and hotels. It also has tropical forests, with birds like the Bulbul of Seychelles and its endemic black parrot. The beautiful Valley of Mai Nature Reserve (Valee de Mai) is known for the “Coco de Mer” or Double Coco and the vanilla orchids. It is said that General Charles George Gordon of Khartoum (1833-1885) was convinced that the Mai Valley was the “Garden of Eden”.

Access : Coordinates: -4.33, 55.746667 / By boat : Ferry service between the main islands of Mahe, La Digue, and Praslin is operated. / By plane :From Mahe by domestic flight (propeller aircrafts) with Air Seychelles , the flight takes 15 minutes.
From Mahe by helicopter with Zil Air/ From La Digue by ferry (Cat Cocos or Cat Rose
How to get around : With public transport
There is a public bus service that connects the various Praslin centers. They are punctual and frequent so that you can do without hiring a private car, at most you can rent bicycles.

Attractions :
Anse Georgette beach , Beyond the airport and at the north-western end of Praslin is Anse Georgette , The beach is reached with a 40 minute walk.
Anse Lazio beach , Defined as “the most beautiful of the realm” by tourism experts, Anse Lazio is in the large Chevalier bay that opens onto the northern coast.
Anse Boudin beach , Located opposite the Curieuse island, Anse Boudin is the first beach one meets left behind Anse Lazio.
Anse La Blague beach, At the eastern end of Praslin, Anse La Blague can be reached via a branch of the main road.
Grande Anse beach , Situated on the south-western side, Grande Anse is the first town you come across after crossing the Vallee de Mai.
Baie St Anne – Located on the homonymous southern bay, ‘Baie St Anne is the southern entrance to the Vallee de Mai nature reserve
Anse Volbert -Cote-d’Or beach, Located opposite the islet of Chauve Souris, on the stretch of coastline called “Cote-d’Or”, Anse Volbert attracts many tourists because of its hotels and restaurants.
Vallee de Mai Nature Reserve , renowned UNESCO World Heritage site is one of the island’s main attraction, Open : 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Le Glacis Noir trail, Glacis noir trail is located to the east coast of Praslin Island , hike is moderate to climb to the view point where you see the wooden tower.
Anse Possession beach , beach with good views of Curiesse Island , On the Pasquerie bay.
The ‘Real’ Coco de Mer Forest , Close to Baie Ste Anne, on Praslin’s western tip, is the newly opened Fond Ferdinand Nature Reserve.
Curieuse Island , can be reached by water taxi from Anse Volbert or on an organised tour, many of which stop-off at St. Pierre
Cousin & Aride Islands , Both have been nature reserves for over 40 years and are home to some of the Seychelles’ rarest birds.
Anse Marie-Louise Beach , picturesque beach , interesting for snorkelling / Petite Anse Kerlan beach, lounge chairs, a diving center with water sports equipment,
Praslin Museum , Route de Cote d’Or, Praslin Island, Open : 9:00 am – 6:00 pm , open air museum with plants, animals and several outbuildings containing items of different nature.
Anse Consolation beach, a small, rocky beach in the south of Praslin, Seychelles’ second largest island. The small bay rarely has visitors, which may be due to the fact that it is not suitable for swimming due to the shallow water.

Anse La Farine beach , The Anse la Farine is a small, quiet bay in the southeast of Praslin and can only be reached by boat from the Baie St. Anne region.
St. Matthew Apostle Church , Whashington Dc, Praslin Island, Open : 6:30 am – 8:00 pm ,
Anse Kerlan Beach , The Anse Kerlan is a beach in the southernmost of Praslin, the second largest island in Seychelles, and is divided into smaller areas by man-made rocks.
Domaine de Val des Pres – Craft Village , Ile de Mahe, Au Cap, Praslin Island 1383, Open : 9:00 am – 4:00 pm , A place to buy locally made Crafts and more.. with coconut.
Anse Citron Beach , The Anse Citron is a small, secluded beach in the southwest of Praslin, along the coast of the Grand Anse and Fond de l’Anse. The water is very shallow and even has a depth of only a few centimeters at low tide making the beach ideal for children.
Anse Gouvernement beach , The Anse Gouvernement is a beach in the north east of Praslin and is close to some popular accommodations. Due to the sheltered position, the sea is very calm and is ideal for many activities, such as swimming, snorkeling, sailing or fishing.
Anse l’Amour beach, The Anse l’Amour is a fisherman’s cove on Praslin, in the middle of the village of Baie Sainte Anne. The beach is protected by a small, artificial island in front of the open sea.
Anse Madge beach , The Anse Madge is a fishing beach located in the quiet and large bay Baie Sainte Anne in the southeast of Praslin.
Anse Matelot beach , The Anse Matelot is a secluded beach on Praslin’s east way to access is by boat or canoe.
Anse St Sauveur beach , The Anse St. Sauveur is a quiet and relatively unknown beach in the south of Praslin.
Anse Petite Cour , This small, beautiful bay is located on a peninsula in the north of Praslin,The bay offers one of the most beautiful snorkeling opportunities.

Activities : snorkelling / helicopter sightseeing tours / trip to Cousin and Aride, both a paradise for bird-watchers / Explore hidden beaches / Fishing / Diving over 15 dive sites, there’s always somewhere new to explore. Highlights include Booby Rock, Aride Bank and Whale Rocks. /
Chill Out / photo opportunities / Island Hopping / Sailing In The Seychelles /

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