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The Rakotz Bridge (  Rakotzbrücke -Devil’s Bridge )  in the Kromlauer Park ( Gablenz, Saxony, Germany )  fascinates visitors with its round shape, which, together with its reflection in the water, forms an almost perfect circle. This place has gained prominence over the past few years due to its unique look through the internet. But only very few people know where the Rakotz Bridge is located.

The most beautiful is the Rakotzbrucke from its east side, especially when it is illuminated by the morning sun and the wind does not throw too many waves on the lake, which distort the reflection in the water. The Rakotz Bridge is the absolute highlight of the rhododendrons Kromlauer Park.

Access : Coordinates: 51.535556, 14.636111 / Location: Kromlauer Park, Gablenz, Saxony, Germany / GPS coordinates of the parking lot: 51.537472, 14.635447 / Public transport, you can take a train to Weißwasser (Oberlausitz), and then take bus 257 to Kromlau, Gablenz. From there you have to walk about 1 kilometer to the bridge./
By bus to Kromlau :
On weekdays there is also the possibility with the bus line 257  to get from the bus station Weißwassers to Kromlau
From the Kromlau station we can enter the Rhododendron Park and walk for about 30 minutes to reach the Devil’s Bridge.
Driving : At Halbendorfer Straße, directly in front of the entrance Kromlau (coming from Bad Muskau) there is a large parking lot that can be used. Drive all the way to the back to the edge of the forest and from there on the trail to the other side of the road in the park. From there the bridge is signposted and you are in less than 2 minutes. there. The parking fees amount to about 2 EUR for two hours, which is completely fair, because the park costs nothing.

Accessibility : Although there are many roots around the lake, wheelchair users can even reach the shore and the well-known photo spot.

bridge specifications : Year Built in: 1860 , Length: 35 m , Commissioned by: Friedrich Herrmann, the knight of Kromlau ,

tip : There is an acute danger of collapse in the building made of basalt stones in 1860. It is strictly forbidden to enter the bridge.

Activities : sightseeing / photo opportunities / stroll in the park : Rhododendron Park is with a size of 200 acres the biggest park in Saxony , The whole park is full of little trails and paths and you can easily spend a whole day  by wandering around.

opening hours : Free admission, accessible at all times

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